Disability Resource Center

Natural Barriers


The WIU Macomb campus terrain varies from flat land to steep hills. A hilly terrain poses a natural barrier for some individuals with disabilities. The campus addresses this natural barrier by offering alternate mobility routes. To view accessible routes, visit the campus map. In addition, the campus aims to lessen the impact of the hilly terrain through creative master planning.


WIU is located in Macomb, Illinois, a small town in the Midwestern portion of the United States. In this region, weather can be unpredictable and winter weather ranges from mild to severe. Snow and ice can be a physical barrier for everyone. However, it can pose particular accessibility issues for individuals with mobility or vision impairments and certain medical conditions. To assist faculty, staff, students and visitors with disabilities with navigating campus in snowy weather, the SDSC provides information regarding snow removal, safety and winter weather resources. Visit Snow Removal to view this information.

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