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Typical Accommodations

Accommodations are based on a student's requests, history, difficulties and diagnosed condition(s) and are decided in consultation with the student during the welcome appointment. Although accommodations are unique to each individual, some accommodations are commonly requested. Below are examples of typical accommodations:

Disability Resources in the Student Development and Success Center (SDSC) Exam/Quiz Accommodations

The purpose of the exam/quiz accommodations is to modify aspects of the testing environment in a manner that allows for accurate assessment of achievement. Exam accommodations include but are not limited to extended time, a reduced-distraction test environment, readers, scribes, and a computer for essay and short answer exams. While instructors may provide these accommodations to students if they wish, SDSC operates an Exam Service Center for faculty who do not have the resources to provided necessary modifications within their respective departments. Students who plan to take exams at the SDSC Exam Service Center will meet with a SDSC staff member to be trained on using STARS to schedule exams at the SDSC facility. For detailed instructions on scheduling exams at the SDSC Exam Service Center, please go to Exam Scheduling Instructions. You are also encouraged to read the Disability Resources in SDSC Exam Service Center Policies.

Text Conversion Services

Not every student reads textbooks in print form. For these students, the SDSC converts required print materials to alternative formats. Formats available are electronic, audio, Braille and enlarged. Visit Requesting Text Conversion Services to view the policies and procedure for requesting texts in an alternate format. Once files have been converted, they will be emailed to your wiu.edu email account.

Note Taking

Lecture notes are an important part of the classroom experience; however, some students may experience difficulty capturing key concepts from lectures in their notes. When this is the case, SDSC facilitates note taking assistance in a manner that best fits the student’s situation. For more information please see Methods to Assist with Note Taking.


Because the nature of each course is different, attendance requirements vary. As such, each instructor has attendance requirements which may or may not be flexible. For example, lecture courses may provide more flexibility with absences than labs and other hands-on activity courses that involve in-class learning. If you believe that you will miss class due to your disability, please speak with a SDSC staff member about absence leniency. To learn more about this accommodation please see Absence Leniency.


WIU hires interpreters and CART reporters to provide communication services to students who are deaf and hard of hearing. All interpreters hired have a valid license and, at least, an intermediate proficiency level. All CART providers have proper National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) certification. If you are planning to request these services, it is best to contact the SDSC as soon as you know that you will be attending WIU.

Accessible Classrooms and Classroom Furniture

Although WIU is making progress in the area of classroom accessibility and inclusion, you may experience accessibility issues that we have not foreseen. Please contact the SDSC if you experience physical barriers to your classrooms. The SDSC will work with faculty and departments to ensure classroom access. In addition we will notify departments of the need for appropriate equipment and classroom furniture.

Other Accommodations

The list of accommodations provided above is not an exhaustive list. Accommodations can be any modification made to University programs, policies or procedures. If you are experiencing any barriers to participation, you are encouraged to contact the SDSC to make requests for or discuss possible accommodations.

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