Financial Aid


Western Illinois University has partnered with Loanlook to give you easy access to your student loan information. Loanlook is a Web-based tool provided to you at no cost by Western Illinois University to help you manage all of your student loans — both federal and private — through a single online portal

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Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to a personalized profile showing your federal student loan and grant information. You can opt to receive loan status notifications via email or text message. You can even download the Loanlook app (iOS and Android) to receive reminders on your mobile device.

Want more info before you register? Call 1-855-4LOANLOOK to learn more.Loanlook users also have access to:

  • Loan counselors via the site’s LIVE HELP chat feature.
  • A Refreshable dashboard that shows your loan status, balance, payment amount, payment due date, and interest accrual information as well as lender/servicer contacts.
  • Android™ and Apple™ apps that let you take Loanlook-on-the-go.
  • Calculators that help you run payment optimization, income-based repayment, and consolidation scenarios.
  • Budgeting tools.
  • Cloud storage for important student loan documents.
  • A Notepad to insert reminders and track conversations with lenders/servicers.
  • Private student loan information by selecting from Loanlook’s growing list of private/alternative lenders.

Loanlook is a secure service that protects your information with bank-level security. Visit our security page for details.

For more information or to activate your Loanlook account, please visit