Financial Aid

FAQ - Summer School

  • What financial aid is available for summer school?
    • Federal aid during the summer is generally limited to loans and Pell grant for eligible students. Students who do not use their full year's loan or Pell eligibility during fall/spring semesters may have remaining aid available for summer. To determine your summer financial aid eligibility, your FAFSA from the preceding academic year and a one-page WIU Summer Financial Aid Application are both required. In addition, summer scholarships may be available from the WIU Scholarship Office.
  • When will summer financial aid applications be available?
    • The WIU Summer Financial Aid Application is posted on Financial Aid web page after spring break.
  • When are summer loans disbursed?
    • Summer loans will be disbursed the first day of summer school in June for those with an 8-week or a first 4-week registration. For those with only a second 4-week registration, disbursement will be made at the start of that session in July.