Go West Transit

Route 14 - North

Part of 25/55 Routes

The MTC Building - North Pierce St - River Run - North Quad

Route 14 North Services the Northern section of Macomb. It runs a 30 minute route that runs from the City Center to the Macomb Transit Center, then up Pierce street till it gets to River Run apartments. From there enters Campus at North Quad, servicing N Charles street down to Adams before it heads back to the City Center. 14 North does run on Saturdays but it does not run when Campus is not in Session. 14 North also assists major Campus class exchanges by becoming "14 Purple".

How it works:

The 10/40 routes meet at the city center at 25 and 55 minutes after the hour to exchange passengers with the other 10/40, or "Point" routes. Namely, 12 South, 13 West, and 15 East.

"14 Purple"

During class Exchanges, Route 14 will become a Route 1 Bus in the North Quad for one rotation, and will then become a Route 14 Bus again in the Quad, Continuing to the City Center.  This occurs on MWF :45 after each hour from 7 am to 3:45 pm, and on T-TH at 7:45, 9:15, 10:45, 12:15, 1:45, and 3:15.

Helpful Tips!

Passengers on 14 during the "14 Purple" Run can simply stay on the bus till it arrives at the City Center. If you are going to class, this is obviously very useful for you, if you are heading to the City Center, the delay should only be 15 minutes, but you will arrive at the City Center with the 10/40 Routes.

There will always be a 14 North Bus at the City Center with the other 25/55 Routes.

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives. Please note there is often a 10/40 bus that services your destination in the unfortunate circumstance that your bus arrives too late to transfer.

14 North Connects to Shopping via 15 East, The Hospital and High school via 12 South, and Jackson Street via 13 West.


Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.
Monday – Friday 6:57 AM - 6:10 PM
Saturday 10:06 AM – 5:36 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :25 :55  111
Randolph/Pierce      279
MTC :27 :57  
Glenwood Park      
New Burlington/Hwy 67      
 River Run :36 :06  335
 Krohe Rd/Hwy 67      
 Comfort Inn      
 University Services  :40 :10  305
North Quad  :43 :13  277
Charles/Elting      205
Charles/Murray      256
East Village (Charles/Pierce)      
Charles/Adams :47 :17  182
Johnson/Pierce      224
Pierce/Lafayette      226
 City Center  :55 :25  111

Route Map

screenshot of Route 14 - North PDF map