Go West Transit

Route 15 - East

Part of 25/55 Routes

East Jackson Street - Jefferson House - East Side Shopping Centers - City Center

Route 15 East Services the Eastern section of Macomb. It runs a 30 minute route that runs from the City Center down East Jackson Street, with a short jog to Jefferson House, then Kmart, the Hotels on East Jackson, Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee then back down Jackson till it reaches the City Center. 15 East Runs all year, as well as on Saturdays.

How it works:

The 25/55 routes meet at the city center at 25 and 55 minutes after the hour to exchange passengers with the other 25/55. At :25 it meets with 12 South and 14 North.  At :55 it meets with 18 Southeast and  13 West.

Helpful Tips!

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives. Please note there is often a 10/40 bus that services your destination in the unfortunate circumstance that your bus arrives too late to transfer.

15 East connects the City Center to a major portion of the shopping available in Macomb. It connects to Campus Via Routes 14 North and 13 West.


Route 15 runs all year.

Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday-Friday: 8:25 AM - 5:55 PM
Saturday 9:55 AM to 5:25 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :25 :55  111
West Side Square (Lafayette/Jackson) :26 :56  292
Lafayette Square      
Jefferson/Lafayette      233

County Market (Jackson)

Jefferson House :32 :02  220
VFW (Jefferson/Candy)      128
K-Mart/Rialto :34 :04  228
Kiljordan (Jackson)      227
Hampton Inn (Jackson)      211
Burger King (Jackson/Walton)      174
JC Penney/Dollar General      
Walmart :41 :11  308
Farm King      
Hy-Vee :45 :15  214
Goodwill/Aldi      166
Jackson/White      216
Jackson/Pearl      217
Jackson/Mechanic      253
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)      307
YMCA (Dudley/Calhoun) :49 :19  316
Randolph/Pierce      279
City Center :55 :25  111

Route Map

Map of Route 15 - east