Go West Transit

Route 15 - East

Part of 10/40 Routes

Macomb Square - East Jackson Street  - East Side Shopping Centers - Walgreen's - City Center

Route 15 East Services the Eastern section of Macomb. It runs a 30 minute route that runs from the City Center down East Jackson Street, with a short jog to Jefferson House, then Kmart, the Hotels on East Jackson, Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee then back down Jackson till it reaches the City Center. 15 East Runs all year, as well as on Saturdays.

How it works:

The 10/40 routes meet at the city center at 10 and 40 minutes after the hour to exchange passengers with the other 10/40. At :10 it meets with 14 North, 13 Silver West and 16 Northwest Gold.  At :40 it meets with 11 City Purple, 13 Silver West, and 16 Northwest Gold.

Helpful Tips!

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives. Please note there is often a 25/55 bus that services your destination in the unfortunate circumstance that your bus arrives too late to transfer.

15 East connects the City Center to a major portion of the shopping available in Macomb. It connects to Campus Via Routes 11, 13, 14 and 16.


Route 15 runs all year.

In Session  
Monday-Friday: 7:40 AM - 4:40 PM

Monday -Friday: 7:40 AM - 5:40 PM
Saturday 10:10 AM to 6:10 PM

Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :10 :40  111
West Side Square (Lafayette/Jackson) :11 :41  292
Lafayette Square      

County Market (Jackson)

Farm King      
VFW (Jefferson/Candy)      128
Farm King      
Hy-Vee :19 :49  214
Goodwill/Aldi      166
K-Mart/Rialto :22 :52  228
Kiljordan (Jackson)      227
Hampton Inn (Jackson)      211
Burger King (Jackson/Walton)      174
JC Penney/Dollar General      
Walmart :30 :00  308
Jackson/White      216
Jackson/Pearl      217
Jackson/Mechanic      253
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)      307
YMCA (Dudley/Calhoun) :34 :04  316
Randolph/Pierce      279
City Center :40 :10  111

Route Map (Not updated yet)

Map of Route 15 - east