Go West Transit

Route 18 - Southeast

Part of 10/40 Routes

Macomb Sr, Jr, and Edison Schools - City Center

Route 18 - Southeast serves the southeastern part of Macomb. The main stops on the route include Macomb Jr. Sr. High School, Edison School, the Jefferson House, Kmart, Prairie View Homes, east Wheeler and east Piper streets. As one of the Compass Routes, it meets with the other Compass Routes at the City Center Bus Transfer Facility at the times indicated. 18 Southeast runs only when Macomb Schools are in Session.

How it works:

In the morning, 18 Southwest begins at the City Center at 7:10 AM and completes one and a half circles, ending at Edison. Another bus enters the route at 7:25 AM, does one circle and finishes at the City Center at 7:55 AM. The bus ending it’s route at Edison will return to the City Center and become the 15 East Route bus. In the Afternoon 18 South west will begin at Edison School at 2:50, completing one and a half circles, ending its run at 3:40 PM at the City Center.

Helpful Tips!

Anyone left on the bus at the end of the Morning Run will be taken to the City Center.

The Afternoon run will wait until Edison Releases it’s students before it starts its run.


Route 18 runs when WIU is in session.

Monday-Friday: Time 1 (7:10 AM - 7:53) PM & Time 2 (2:50 PM to 3:40 PM)
Stop Name

7:10 - 7:53  AM

2:50-3:40 PM Text Code
City Center 7:10 7:25 7:40   3:10  
YMCA (Dudley/Calhoun)
7:12 7:27 7:42   3:12  
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)            
County Market (Dudley)            
YMCA Daycare (Madison/Piper)            
MJSHS (Maple)  7:18 7:33 7:48   3:15  


Edison School
7:23 7:38 7:53 2:50 3:23  
Jefferson House (Pearl/Jefferson)            
VFW (Jefferson/Candy)            
K-Mart 7:28 7:43   2:58 3:28  
Prairie View Homes  7:32 7:47   2:58 3:28  
City Center 7:40 7:55   3:10 3:40  

Route Map

Map of Route 18 - Southeast