Go West Transit

Route 18 - Southeast

Part of 25/55 Routes

Hospital, Jefferson House, Grand Prairie, Wesley Village - City Center

Route 18 - Southeast is and hourly route that serves the southeastern part of Macomb. The main stops on the route include Walgreen's, YMCA, Jefferson House, Grand Prairie, Wesley Village and the Hospital. 

Route 18 Leaves the City Center at :25 of the hour, returning at :55, meeting with Routes 13 West, 15 East, as well as 12 South.

How it works:

The Bus Driving 18 Southeast will alternate between driving Routes 18 Southeast and 12 South, meeting with the other 25/55 routes at the city center to exchange passengers. Route 18 Southeast will meet at :55 of the hour with Routes 13 West, 15 East as well as 12 South (stay on the bus), while Route 12 South will meet at :25 of the hour with Routes 14 North15 East as well as 18 Southeast (stay on the bus).

Helpful Tips!

On occasion a route runs late and fails to meet with its sister routes. In these hopefully rare cases, it is helpful to not that there is often a 10/40 (corner) route that might take you to the same destination.

18 Southeast connects to campus through 13 West, the hospital again via 12 South, and to shopping via 15 East,


Route 18 runs all year.

Monday-Friday: 7:25 AM to 5:55 PM
Saturday: 10:25 AM to 5:55 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :25  
YMCA (Dudley/Calhoun) :27  
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)    
County Market (Dudley)    
Jefferson House (Jefferson/Pearl)  :30  

Edison School

MDH :33  
Health Services 1 & 2 :34  
Grant/Doctors Ln    
Grand Prairie :40  
Wesley Village :42  
MDH/Health Services  By Req.  
Grant/Maddison :44  
Country Market  :55  
County Market (Dudley)    
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)    
YMCA (Dudley/Calhoun)    
City Center :25  

Route Map

Map of Route 18 - Southeast