Go West Transit

Route 19 - Southwest

Part of 10/40 Routes

Bridgeway – Spoon River College - Eisenhower Tower – Square – City Center

Route 19 Southwest Connects Macomb Square and the Southwest residential areas of Macomb to the City Center. From the Square it passes by Spoon river, then Eisenhower tower on Piper, over to the Trailer courts on South Ward, down Grant street finally reaching Bridgeway and Lakeview, where it turns around and returns as is went. Route 19 Southwest runs all year.

How it works:

Route 19 Southwest is a 30 minute route leaves the City Center with the other 10/40 routes at :10 and :40 minutes of each hour it is in operation. At the City Center, the 10/40 routes exchange passengers with the other 10/40, or “Corner” routes. Namely: 16 Northwest or 26 Northwest during breaks, 17 Northeast, and on the rare occasion, 11 Bomber Express. 19 Northwest connects to WIU Campus Via 16 Northwest, and to East Jackson Businesses via 17 Northeast.

Helpful Tips!

On occasion a route runs late and fails to meet with its sister routes. In these hopefully rare cases, it is helpful to not that there is often a 25/55 (corner) route that might take you to the same destination. For example, 17 Northeast is one of two Shopping Routes, 15 East is the 25/55 counterpart.

Route 12 South is the 25/55 alternative for parts of Route 19 Southwest. Ward Street, Piper street, Spoon River College all have service from Route 12 South.


Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday-Friday 6:55 AM - 6:10 PM
Saturday 9:55 AM - 6:10 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :10 :40 111
West Side Square :11 :41 292

Spoon River--
  Johnson Street Campus

Eisenhower Tower :14 :44 204
Catcha A Star (Piper/Charles)     185
Piper/Clay     269
Piper/Ward     270
Raintree :17 :47 100
DMV (by Request only)      
Bridgeway (Lakewood) :25 :55 170
Grant/Debbie     197
Grant/Derry     198
Ward/Patton Park      
Western Trailer Court/Raintree :28 :58 330
Piper/Ward     270


Eisenhower Tower :31 :01  
Johnson/Jefferson     328
Johnson/Lafayette (Lafayette Square)     233
Post Office     273
East Side of Square :33 :03 292
City Center :40 :10 111

Route Map

screenshot of Route 12 - South PDF map