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Route 24 - North

Corbin/Olson - Main Campus - USB - River Run - City Center

Route 24 North serves the North side of Macomb when WIU is not in Session. It connects River Run to Campus and Campus to the City Center, as well as providing access to Elting Street and Adams street.  24 North Provides direct access to the Train Station, which is across the street from the City Center.

How it works:

Route 24 North is a 30 minute route that leaves the City Center on :25 and returns back to the City Center at :55 minutes after each hour in order to exchange passengers.  The bus then becomes a Route 18 Southeast bus, returning back to the City center at :25 of each hour.  24 North will connect to Shopping via 17 Northeast, to the Square via 12 South, and to the Hospital via 18 Southeast.  

Helpful Tips:

Visitors to campus during breaks, Such as Soars or other camps or events, will find that both 24 North and 26 Northwest will connect you to the Train station.  Simply get on this bus at Olson Hall Cutout, or in the case of 26, you can get on it across the street (Adams/Normal) as the bus heads East.


Route 24 only runs during breaks.

Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday - Friday: 7:10 AM - 5:40 PM
Saturday: 10:10 AM - 5:40 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center
:25    111
Taco Bell (Jackson/Albert)      163
McDonald's West on Jackson (WB)      250
Dairy Queen on Jackson (WB)      196
Olson Cutout
:31     189
Brown Hall (NB)      172
Malpass Library :33   245
Stipes Hall      254
Morgan Hall     255 
Waggoner Hall (Thompson)     306 
Western Hall     312 
Vince Grady Field (EB)     452 
University Services Building     305 
Glenwood Park     428 
New Burlington Rd/Hwy 67     444 
River Run  :40   355 
Krohe Rd/ Hwy 67     433 
Quality Inn     707 
University Services Building (WB)     305 
North Quad (SB)     100 
Charles/Elting (SB) :46    205 
Charles/Murray (SB)     256 
Murray/Albert (EB)     420 
Johnson/Pierce (SB)     421 
Pierce/Lafayette (EB)     234 
Pierce/Randolph (EB)     280 
City Center :55   111 

Route Map

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