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Route 26 - Northwest

Municipal 10/40 Breaks Only

Jackson Street -Corbin/Olson - Currens Hall - Aspen Court

Route 26 -Northwest serves the West side of Macomb during WIU is not in session.  It connects Campus to the City Center, as well as providing access to campus from Aspen Court , Turnberry Village as well as Jackson street.  It also Provides direct access to the Train Station, which is across the street from the City Center.

How it works:

Route 26 Northwest is a 30 minute route that meets at the City Center  at :40 minutes after each hour in order to exchange passengers.  When it returns to the the City Center at :10, it changes into a Route 24 bus, running that route until :40 of each hour, where it changes back into a Route 26 Bus.  26 Northwest will connect to Shopping and the square via 15 East.

Helpful Tips:

Visitors to campus during breaks, Such as Soars or other camps or events, will find that both 24 North and 26 Northwest will connect you to the Train station.  Simply get on the bus at Either Olson Cutout, or across the street at the Adams/Normal stop on 26's return trip to the City Center.

In general, Routes 24 and 26 Replace 13, 11, and 16 as well as fill many of the functions of Routes 1-4.


Route 26 only runs during breaks.

Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday-Friday, 7:40 AM - 6:10 PM
Saturday, 10:10 AM - 6:10 PM
Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center

Taco Bell
McDonald's  West      
Dairy Queen      
Olson Cutout   :46  
Wigwam Hollow / Riverview      
University/Wigwam Hollow      
Wigwam Hollow/Riverview   :52   
Turnberry Village 1 / Aspen Court (Wigwam Hollow)      
Turnberry Village 3 (Wigwam Hollow)      
Aspen Court    :56  
Jackson Street Market (Jackson/Collins)      
Turnberry Village 2      
TurnBerry Village 1 (Adams)      
Olson Hall (Adams/Normal)     :00  
Wendy's (Jackson/Ward)      
McDonald's West (Jackson/Clay)      
Taco Bell (Jackson/Albert)      
City Center   :10  

Route Map

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