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Route 2 - Gold

Carousel & Carousel Night

Route 2 - Gold serves within the Northwest quadrant of Macomb, generally serving the same route as Route 1, but in a counterclockwise direction. In addition, Route 2 serves West Calhoun St., North Johnson St., and West Murray St. Route 2 runs 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, at which time Maroon 6 continues to provide Carousel service until midnight or 10 PM on Fridays. Route 2 - Gold does not use a Time point schedule, but instead maintains a 7-10 minute Frequency.

How does it work?

Instead of running on a time point schedule, three buses run continuously on this route, endeavoring to maintain their frequency through stage points and pacing. This should provide solid service much more frequent then if we had confined their progress with time points. There are time's however, when the load or delays of one bus will disrupt this pattern. Stage points are used to re-establish their spacing, and thus their frequency, providing a solid predictable ride around campus.

Useful Tips!

There is a fourth "Gold bus" we call 16 Northwest. IF you are at Elting or the North Quad, at 10 minutes before classes start; it will take you to class and get you there on time. From the Quad, it runs the entirety of the Gold route (except USB) until it gets to Ward Street. At Ward it diverts to Spoon River College, the Square, then the City Center by turning south then running east on Jackson street, connecting campus to the rest of the city.  After it exchanges passengers with the other 10/40 buses, it returns to campus at Lincoln/Washington/Grote, then goes north along McArthur until it arrives at the North Quad at :20/:50 of each hour following the campus part of the Gold Route until it again reaches Ward Street. If you are going TO CLASS, it is effectively a GOLD ROUTE-- AND it runs on a Time Schedule! Check it out!

Freshmen! Gold to Class, Purple home -- ALSO:  There will always be a 16 Northwest bus in the North Quad at :10 and :50 of the hour. It will take you to class, just like a Gold Bus.


Days Times Frequency
Monday - Friday 7:15 AM - 5:15 PM Buses run every 7 to 9 Minutes
First and last half hour of the schedule, frequency will be lower.
Bus Stops (Text Codes)
University Services Building

Vince Grady Field  
Brophy Hall 171
Thompson Hall 293
Horrabin Hall Cutout
(Malpass Library)
Browne Hall 173
Corbin Cutout 190
(Olson Hall) EB
Linc/Wash/Grote Hall 240
Clay/Calhoun 175

(on Calhoun)

Johnson/Calhoun 177
Johnson/Adams 160
Johnson/Pierce 267
Murray/Albert 164
Charles/Murray 181
(Campus Manor)
North Quad 277

Route Map

screenshot of Route 2 - Gold PDF map