Go West Transit

Route 3 - Blue

Off Campus Housing Route

Route 3 – Blue serves the West Jackson Street/West Adams Street student housing area. This includes Aspen Court, Turnberry Villages and Triad Apartments. It runs 7:24 AM – 4:54 PM Monday through Friday. Further service to these areas continues into the evening on Route 5-Brown.

How it works:

Alternating with Blue from Aspen Court is 13 Silver West, while 13 Silver West enters campus from the north, Blue 3 enters campus from the south. This provides choices for the passengers that can minimize their time on the bus.


Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday - Friday
7:24 AM - 4:54 PM
Evening and weekend service via 5 Brown
Stop Name Time Text Code
Aspen Court (Jackson) :09 :24 :39 :54  
Jackson Street Market (Collins/Jackson)          
Turnberry Village 2          
Turnberry Village 1 (Adams) :12 :27 :42 :57  
Corbin/Olson (Adams/Western Ave)          
Browne Hall :13 :28 :43 :58  
Malpass Library :15 :30 :45 :00  
Stipes Hall          
Currens Hall          
Edison Appartments (University Dr/Jana)          
Smith and Royer (University Dr/Wigwam Hollow)          
Wigwam Hollow/Pollock          
Wigwam Hollow/Riverview :19 :34 :49 :04  
Turnberry Village 1/Aspen Court (Wigwam Hollow)          
Turnberry Village 3 (Wigwam Hollow)          

Route Map

screenshot of Route 3 - Blue PDF map