Go West Transit

Route 4 - Silver

Off-Campus Housing Route

Route 4 – Silver serves the West Jackson Street/West Adams Street student housing area. This includes Aspen Court, Turnberry Villages and Triad Apartments. It runs 7:29 AM – 5:02 PM Monday through Friday. Further service to these areas continues into the evening on Route 5-Brown.

How it works:

Alternating with Silver from Aspen Court is Blue 3. While Blue 3 enters campus from the South, Silver 4 enters campus from the north. This provides choices for the passengers that can minimize their time on the bus. Note though, that from Adams and Wigwam Hallow to Aspen court all the way back to Adams and Wigwam hollow, the two routes are Identical.

Useful Tips!

When going too or from Aspen court, Turnberry I II or III, or anyplace in that area, there is little difference between Blue 3 and Silver 4. 7-8 minute frequency of service to or from campus is accomplished by the combination.

Also, the Collins Ave stop is the closest and easiest direct access to a grocery store from campus. (Both Blue 3 and Silver4 go there)


Route 13 runs when WIU is in Session.

Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.

Monday - Friday
7:25 AM - 4:55 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
Aspen Court (Jackson) :02 :17 :32 :47  167
Jackson Street Market (Collins/Jackson)          116
Turnberry Village 2 :03 :18 :33 :48  301
Robin/Adams          287
Adams          996
Wigwam Hollow/Riverview          286
Wigwam Hallow/Pollock          272
Smith and Royer (University Dr/Wigwam Hollow)          178
Campus Pointe/Newman Center          258
Horrabin (University Dr)          213
Horrabin Hall/Malpass Library :10 :25 :40 :55  246
Browne Hall :11 :26 :41 :56  173
(Adams/Western Ave)
Adams/Eggers :13 :28 :43 :58  297
Turnberry Village 1/Aspen Court (Wigwam Hollow)          303
Turnberry Village 3 (Wigwam Hollow)          303

Route Map

screenshot of Route 4 - Silver PDF map