Greek Life

Greek Review Board

The Greek Review Board (GRB) exists to assist in the personal growth and development of our Greek community by further promoting self-governance, accountability, and responsible citizenship. This board seeks to promote, using both educational and punitive sanctions, actions that align with the values of Western Illinois University and Inter/National Greek letter organizations and to promote the welfare of the individual members and chapters of the Greek community. An individual who assumes voluntary membership in a Social Greek-letter organization does not surrender his/her rights or escape his/her fundamental responsibilities as a citizen, but acquires additional rights and responsibilities to the University Greek Community. This includes the idea that each separate fraternity or sorority, in its entirety, enters the University Greek Community voluntarily and thus assumes obligations of performance and behavior reasonably imposed by all members of the Greek Community as well as Western Illinois University.


The purpose of the GRB is to review allegations of misconduct involving social Greek-letter organizations and mediate or adjudicate a resolution to said allegations. Under the Code of Student Conduct, the GRB has been authorized to review allegations of misconduct involving social Greek-letter organizations. Behavioral prescriptions which social Greek-letter organizations will be held accountable have been enunciated in the Code of Student Conduct, IFC/UGC/Panhellenic Constitutions, and Greek community standards.