Greek Life

Recruitment Tips

  • Organize Your Daily Schedule - plan enough time for schoolwork, meals, personal time, and anything else you need to do. Also, allow yourself enough time for Recruitment events - you don't want to miss any of them!
  • Be Yourself - fraternities and sororities want to meet and get to know the real you. Sometimes problems can occur when a potential member pretends to be someone he or she is not, so the best bet is to just be yourself.
  • Learn from Reliable Sources - if you really want to know something about a particular fraternity or sorority, just ask one of the members of that chapter. Information that you get from any other source can be inaccurate and not helpful to you at all.
  • Choose Which Chapter Is Right for You -just because a lot of people from your hometown are in a certain fraternity or sorority or you think your friends are going to pledge a certain chapter, it doesn't mean that chapter is right for you. Think about all the options you have, and join the fraternity/sorority with which you fit in the best and feel the most comfortable.
  • Learn as Much About the Fraternity/Sorority as You Possibly Can - by doing this, you can make a better decision on which fraternity/sorority you would like to join. Ask a lot of questions, and meet as many people as you can. After all, that is what recruitment is for - you need to keep in mind that these are the people with whom you will be spending the next few years and with whom you will share friendships for a lifetime.
  • Ask the Right Questions - you should try to learn the following things about each chapter:
    • How much emphasis does your chapter place on scholarship, and are there any type of scholarship programs offered by your chapter?
    • How involved is your chapter with IFC (Interfraternity Council), PHC (Panhellenic Council), UGC (United Greek Council), student government, and other campus organizations?
    • What type of community service programs does your chapter participate in?
    • How much does it cost to be involved with the fraternity/sorority?
    • What kind of time commitment is required in the new member education program of the fraternity/sorority?