Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center


The Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center is more than a meeting place and vehicle for the dissemination of cultural information. One of its most important functions is to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere where students from all ethnic backgrounds can come together and share the experience of university life. The center is located within the Multicultural Center in Suite 210 and includes the following facilities:

  • Staff offices-second floor
  • Reception area-second floor
  • Conference room-second floor*
  • Lounge-first floor*

*On-campus organizations and community groups can call the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center in advance to reserve these spaces.

To promote their objectives the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center presents several programs each semester. These programs promote diversity throughout the campus and community through education awareness, social activities, and community outreach. Some of the programs include:

student meeting

  • Brown Bag Luncheons
  • Juneteenth celebration
  • Pre-Kwanzaa celebration
  • African American Achievement Awards
  • Conferences
  • Educational forums
  • Community programs
  • Dance performance
  • Book readings
  • Poetry readings
  • Spoken word recitals
  • Guest speakers
  • Workshops
  • Choral performances
  • Art shows
  • Movies
  • Lectures