Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center


Meet the GBCC Staff!


Bonita Akinbo

Graduate Assistant-Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center

My name is Abidemi, but I prefer to be called Bonita. I am from Nigeria. I am a Graduate Student in the English Department. I had my first degree in Broadcasting in my home country,  and I desire to pursue a PhD in African American and African Diaspora Studies. I've had five years working experience in Multimedia, Human Resource, Customer Care, Sales and Business Development before I decided to take a break and pursue a Masters degree. My interests are Post Colonial Studies, Ecocriticism, Queer Theory, African American Studies and Afropolitanism. Working in the GBCC as a Graduate Assistant has given me the platform to experience my new environment in such a dynamic and insightful way. It has enabled me more access to people of color whom I share a lot in common with in terms of daily experiences and basic fundamentals of  'otherness'. Also, I get the chance to learn, unlearn and relearn new ways of perceiving, understanding, and communicating with my immediate environment, and the society at large." 




Brandon Smith

Graduate Assistant - Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center

Everyone meet Brandon! Brandon is pursuing his Masters of Science degree in Law enforcement Justice Administration. He is from Robbins, Illinois. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Law enforcement Justice Administration with a minor in African American studies right here at WIU. During his undergraduate journey, he was involved in several things on campus including Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Investigators club, Preeminent gentleman society, the Centennial Honors College, and even worked as a student worker for the Liberal Arts and Science department. Some of his favorite hobbies are cooking, reading, and working on cars. You can always catch him at the recreational center and at the MCC giving out free lessons on how to tie a neck and bow tie. 

 meisha Meisha Brown

Graduate Assistant - Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center

Meet our newest Graduate Assistant, Meisha! Meisha is finishing up her Masters of Science in Sociology. She is from Davenport, Iowa. Meisha obtained her Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement & Justice Administration with a minor in Sociology, here from Western Illinois University. During undergrad, Meisha spent a significant amount of time being involved in many jobs organizations on campus. Some of those including Picture Perfect Modeling Troupe, Zeta Phi Beta, Inc., Preeminent Ladies Society, Beyond Beautiful, and even worked as Admissions Ambassador for the undergraduate admissions office. Meisha enjoys alone time and traveling home to be with family and friends. Stop by to see Meisha at the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, anytime during the weekday.