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Corbin/Olson Renovation


Both Corbin and Olson Halls underwent a major renovation which lasted over a 2-year period. This is the largest UHDS project since the construction of Grote Hall in 2004. The residential lobbies have new finishes and a new structural layout throughout. New student lounges and gaming areas have been constructed in both towers. A new computer lab was built on the Olson side. Vending areas, conference rooms, and other student activity spaces were incorporated into this project as well.

Residential rooms received new paint, flooring, ceiling, doors, lighting, and furniture. In Corbin Hall, living-room suites are set-up with new furniture. New community bathrooms were constructed on each wing (2 per floor). Each floor is outfitted with a trash/recycling room, as well as with lounge space, and studio/practice space for numerous student activities. Each floor houses its own laundry room. New upgrades in technology include the installation of CAT6 wire in Corbin and wireless throughout. Olson is laid out with wireless and CAT5e wire (already present).

The largest change in the CO/OL Complex is the complete renovation of the dining center and student commons area. This new space serves as the primary entrance to both residential towers, as well as house the information desk, CO/OL Staff Offices, and a multi-purpose/classroom space. A new kitchen, dining area, and C-Store is also set in this new area. Students will have an opportunity to cook their own meals as well, with the introduction of a student kitchen space to the south the new space. 

Conceptual Photos and Renderings

Construction Progress Photos

Furniture (loftable bed, desk, nightstand and wardrobe)...


Bed   Desk


Nightstand   Wardrobe


The Corbin & Olson Hall renovation project is completed and lasted over a period of 2 years, with overall completion in August 2012. 


$25 Million


  • Architect- FGM Architects, Oak Brook, Illinois & Mackey Mitchell Architects St. Louis, Missouri
  • Engineering- KJWW Engineering, Rock Island, Illinois
  • General Contractor- Williams Brothers Construction, Peoria, Illinois
  • Plumbing Contractor- Ryan & Associates, Davenport, Iowa
  • Electrical Contractor- Tri-City Electric Company, Davenport, Iowa
  • Heating/AC Contractor- Ryan & Associates, Davenport, Iowa
  • Ventilation & Ductwork-Frank Millard & Company, Burlington, Iowa
  • Environmental-Freeman Environmental Services, Inc., Herrin, Illinois