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General Information & Front Office

University Housing & Dining Services
Seal Hall, First Floor
Phone: 309-298-3000
Fax: 309-298-2122

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Departmental Email Addresses:


Application, Contracts, Assignments & Billing

Residence Hall Contracts, Assignments, Student ID & Dining Plan Management, Residential/Student Billing, Departmental Administrative Operations 

AJ Lutz
Director of Residential Administration
Phone: 309-298-3320

Bridget McCormick
Assistant Director of Residential Administration
Phone: 309-298-3320 

Beth Campbell
Residence Halls Assignments Staff Clerk &
Spoon River College Housing Coordinator
Phone: 309-298-3359 

Sara Featherlin
Access & Dining Plan Chief Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3331

Deanna Hironimus-Wendt
Front Office Receptionist/Student IDs
Phone: 309-298-3000

Facilities Management & Planning

Loft & MicroFridge Rentals, Facilities Planning & Design, Maintenance, Building Services 

Joe Roselieb
Director of Residential Facilities
Phone: 309-298-3320 

Angela Wagner
MicroFridge & Residential Billing and GFH Chief Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3321

Departmental Budget & Employment

Departmental Purchasing, Budgeting, Rates, Employment, Food Service Financial Operations

Ketra Russell
Assistant Director
Phone: 309-298-3305

Patty Thornton
Departmental Budget/Billing Administrative Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3307

Cerese Wright
Student Employment Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3326 

Marketing & Communications

Assessment Coordination, Departmental Publications & Correspondence, Media Relations, Website & Social Media

Leann Meckler
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 309-298-2293

Conference Services

Conference Planning, Event Coordination, Overnight Stays, Conference Center

Caitlin Davis
Conference Service Coordinator
Phone: 309-298-2413

Chief Housing Officer

Responsible for all aspects of housing including: Residence Life, Facilities, Planning, Business, Administration, Marketing & Communications, and Conference Services

John Biernbaum
Associate Vice-President 
Phone: 309-298-3320

Mary Kay Flesner
Departmental Secretary
Phone: 309-298-3320





Residence Life Information

Living Learning Communities, Residence Hall Staff (RA, Complex Directors, etc), Roommate Issues, Hall Programming, Policy Enforcement

Dr. Mishelle Oaks
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 309-298-3328

Sarah Hart
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Phone: 309-298-3328

LaDawn Thomas
Residence Life Secretary
Phone: 309-298-3328

Bayliss & Henninger Halls

Bayliss Desk: 309-298-3400
Henninger Desk: 309-298-3068 

Sarah Moore
Complex Director
Phone: 309-298-3011

Kristina Johnson
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3401

Corbin & Olson Halls

Corbin/Olson Desk: 309-298-3500

Danielle Tucker
Complex Director
Phone: 309-298-3531

Pam Clark
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3209

Graduate & Family Housing

Joe Roselieb
Graduate & Family Housing Coordinator
Phone: 309-298-3320

Angela Wagner
Graduate & Family Housing Chief Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3321

Lincoln, Washington & Grote Halls

Linc/Wash/Grote Desk: 309-298-3590

Adam Brunner
Complex Director
Phone: 309-298-3502

Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3597

Tanner Hall

Tanner Desk: 309-298-3005

Complex Director
Phone: 309-298-3460

Judy Smith
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3330

Thompson Hall

Thompson Desk: 309-298-3600

Jessica Woods
Complex Director
Phone: 309-298-3660

Denise Daugherty
Hall Clerk
Phone: 309-298-3625

University Dining

Ada Neighbors
Resident District Manager
Phone: 309-298-1982

Tom Oehler
General Manager
Phone: 309-298-1292

Dan Murphy
Director of Operations
Phone: 309-298-1982

Ann Bloomer
Unit Controller
Phone: 309-298-1982

Eva Galbraith
Marketing Manager
Phone: 309-298-1982

Brenda Foster
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 309-298-1982

Michael Olwell
Catering Manager
Phone: 309-298-1292