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Summer Housing at Western

Western Illinois University will offer flexible lodging to accommodate most all summer school students. We will provide traditional student lodging in an air-conditioned residence hall room. The options available for Summer Housing are as follows: 

May Pre-Session: May 11-May 31

8-Week Session: June 1-July 25

1st 4-Week Session: June 1-June 28

2nd 4-Week Session: June 29-July 25

August Inter-Session: July 25-August 22

Note: Dates above are dates related to housing and do not reflect academic term dates.

Click here to see a breakdown of the Summer Housing Rates & Timeline

Summer Housing Rates

Pre-Session and Inter-Session Rates

$140 - $145 (Depending on your current rate assessment plan  (i.e. Plan K,L,M,N.O, etc.).

Pre-Session & Inter-Session charges will post to your account on the first day of each session.

8-Week Session Rates

4-Week and 8-Week session rates are determined based on your current rate assessment plan (i.e. Plan K,L,M,N.O, etc.). The University assesses room and board for Summer Session in June. These charges will be reflected on your University account.

Click here to view Residence Hall rates.

Meal Plan Options

No meal plan is required for Summer Housing, but you may purchase a pay-as-you-go Meal Plan by logging in to STARS and selecting “UHDS: Add Meal Plan Money and Rocky Dollars” from the STARS drop-down menu. A minimum $100 first time buy-in is required. Money can be charged to your student account and used only at on-campus dining locations.

The Corbin/Olson Dining Center will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday-Friday.

Rocky Dollars is available in the summer for laundry and other campus-life services. Visit to add money to your Rocky Dollars account.

Housing Services during the Summer Session:

  • Corbin/Olson Front Desk: The Information Desk is open 24 hours when conferences or events are in session. Mail drop off and general campus information is available at the Information Desk. If you need assistance during the hours the desk is closed, call the Office of Public Safety (309-298-1949) and they will page a staff member.
  • Residence Hall Staff: Within your hall you have summer assistants and a conference director you can contact for information and assistance. Room and phone numbers for the conference staff can be obtained from the hall desk.
  • Safety/Security: Residence Hall staff and Office of Public Safety Staff will do rounds within the buildings during the summer session. Please lock your door even if you are in the room. Do not leave valuables in your room unattended. Immediately report any missing items or suspicious persons and activities to your conference/camp staff and the conference coordinator. In case of emergency, follow the evacuation procedures on the back of your room door. Do not tamper with any equipment, including smoke detectors and fire alarms. Individuals and or conference/camp groups will be charged for tampering.
  • Corbin/Olson Dining Center: The Corbin/Olson Dining Center will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday. Please check dining schedule for exact meals and meal times. Dining plans are not required but you will have the option to add money (billed directly to your student account) to use as a meal plan during the summer session.
  • Vending: Machines are located in the lobby areas. Please ask an information desk or conference staff member for locations.
  • Lounges: Lounges are located on each floor for study or social use. Feel free to use these areas at any time.
  • Laundry Facilities: Rocky Dollar and Coin operated washers and dryers are available on public floors.

Housing Policies during the Summer Session: 

  • Check-in: Check-in for summer school students will be at the Corbin/Olson Front Desk. If you are a conference floor guest, please contact Caitlin Davis ( to arrange check-in/check-out appointments. 
  • Alcohol/Smoking: Students and guests are expected to comply with all local, state and federal laws regarding the use of alcohol and drugs. In addition, smoking is permitted outside, in designated areas only. Student and guests are not allowed to smoke or have alcohol in their rooms or inside the building.
  • Keys: Room keys are property of the University and are the responsibility of the guest and student. Carry your key with you at all times, as your key is needed for the elevator and floor access. Do not prop doors open; this poses a security risk to students and guests. Report any lost keys to conference staff immediately. Any keys not returned will be assessed a $50 charge.
  • Noise: Quiet hours for the summer session are from 9:00 pm to 11:00 am.
  • Rooms: Please leave all furniture (beds, couches, chairs, etc.) in original configuration. Ceiling tiles, walls and smoke detectors in the rooms and hallways are not to be disturbed. Notify your conference staff immediately if there is damage in your room when you arrive so that you will not be charged in error. The conference/camp or student will be billed damages to rooms and public areas that can be directly attributed to conference/camp participants or student.
  • Decorations/Posters/Signs: Signs and poster materials must be approved by the Conference Hall Coordinator prior to being posted. Nails, tacks, hooks, etc. on furniture, painted walls, ceilings, windows, or doors are not permitted.


To sign up for Summer Housing, you will need to return the following to the UHDS office in Seal Hall:

New Residence Hall Students

*For new incoming students who have not already filled out a housing application and paid the $50 application fee (either online or in person)

Returning Residence Hall Students

Please contact UHDS at 309-298-2461 or visit our office on the first floor of Seal Hall for more information or to sign-up for Summer Housing.

 Summer 2014 Timeline

  • Friday, May 9: Priority Housing Deadline
  • Wednesday, May 14 Housing Assignments Released on STARS
  • Sunday, June 1, 10:00 am: Residence Halls Open for Summer session
  • Monday, June 2: First Day of 8-week, 6-week and first 4-week Summer Session
  • Friday, June 27: First 4-week Session ends
  • Monday, June 30: Second 4-week Summer Session begins
  • Friday, July 4: University closed
  • Friday, July 11: 6-week Summer Session ends
  • Friday, July 25: Summer Session ends
  • Saturday, July 26, 10:00 am: Residence Hall close for Summer Session