Contract Information and Assignment Policies

Payment of Account

Room and board are payable by the semester based upon the University billing schedule. A finance charge on the unpaid balance is assessed each month thereafter. Hall facilities and class attendance may be denied to a resident for nonpayment of room and board.

Contract Number

Your contract number is the number assigned to your residence hall contract when it is received by UHDS for processing. Room assignments made through our automated assignment program and room changes based upon consolidation are based upon this number. Assignment of single rooms, from the Single Room Waiting List, is based upon the contract number and the date the student signed up for the waiting list. The number assumes that your on-campus residency has not been interrupted since you first applied for the residence hall room. If it has been interrupted, the number is the one that is on the Residence Hall Application/Contract most recently signed.


Room Check-Out Procedures

If you are planning to move to another room in any way or to check-out of your residence hall room, you must contact your RA or Residence Hall Clerk. When you moved into your residence hall room, you completed a Room Condition Report (RCR) form, detailing the condition of your room, and a Microfridge Condition Report (MCR), if applicable. Upon check-out of that room, you will be assessed for any damages caused to the room. It is important to be detailed and thorough when you first complete the RCR and MCR forms because you will be charged for discrepancies not recorded when you moved into the room. In addition to any damages assessed, there is a $25 fine for improper checkout.

Single-Room Application/Contract Release

If you have contracted for a single room and decide to live in a double room during the semester, you may do so. There is a $25 charge for the change. Contact your Residence Hall Clerk. You must have specific plans to either move in with another student or have another student move in with you before the Single-Room Application/Contract may be broken.

The $25 application/contract breakage fee may be waived if you break your application/contract at the end of fall semester and plan to live in a double room during spring semester.


Although the University will exercise reasonable efforts to protect student property, the University is not in any way liable for loss from theft or damage to any personal property belonging to students or their guests. All students are urged to make sure that their personal property is covered by insurance, either with their parents’ homeowners insurance policy or by a special student policy available for this specific purpose by an insurance firm specializing in this type of coverage.

Withdrawal Procedures

If you feel you must withdraw from the University, you are encouraged to talk it over first with your RA and Complex Director. The goal of the RA and Complex Director is to help you make sure that leaving school is the best decision for you. If you decide to leave, even after thinking it over, you need to officially withdraw in the Student Development and Orientation office. You also must officially cancel your Residence Hall Application/Contract at UHDS in Seal Hall by signing the necessary forms. You should then contact your RA and your Residence Hall Clerk to return your room key and properly check out of the hall by signing and dating the RCR form. All refunds will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Application/Contract.

Refund upon Withdrawal – If you withdraw from the University, you will be assessed for room and board on a prorated basis. 

Administrative Room Cancellation

To protect the rights of all residence hall students and to maintain an acceptable study environment at the end of the semester, UHDS has developed the following policy to be used after reasonable attempts to alter a student’s behavior have failed. If your behavior is disruptive to the environment and it is apparent through your actions or attitude that the disruptive behavior will continue, an administrative warning will be issued. This warning indicates an expectation for a positive change in your behavior and the consequences for noncompliance.

Noncompliance may result in

  • immediate cancellation of your current room assignment and meal plan, requiring that you vacate the premises within 12 hours.
  • forfeiture of your Residence Hall Application/Contract deposit.
  • cancellation of any application/contract agreement you may have for the next academic semester, resulting in the loss of the fall semester assignment or contract number seniority. You remain subject to University residence requirements for fall semester.
  • your parents being notified by telephone of the application/contract termination, with a request that they come to campus to assist in the process of helping you vacate the premises.