Residence Hall Mailing Information

Every day (except Sunday and legal holidays), U.S. mail is delivered to each of the residence halls. Mail is sorted and placed into student mailboxes when it arrives. Mailboxes are located near the information desk in each hall. There is one mailbox per room, and your room number corresponds to your mailbox number. Your room key opens your mailbox. The desk staff posts signs to let the students know when the newly delivered mail is ready for pick-up.

Proper Mailing Addresses 

The residence hall name may be used but only on a separate line above the street address. Room numbers should be listed after the street address as an apartment number: e.g. #1030 or #203.Example:

Robert B. Cooper
Higgins Hall Room 1109
1310 W. University Drive
Macomb, IL 61455

Registered Mail/UPS/FED EX, etc.

Registered Mail/UPS/FED EX deliveries, etc., which are delivered to the residence hall and signed for by UHDS hall/desk staff, CANNOT be refused for delivery by the student to whom it was sent. Once UHDS hall/desk staff sign for the delivery, that process is considered completed by the delivering entity. Therefore, any items that the student wants to return must be accepted by the student and then returned through that company’s regular procedures. This ensures that the returned item is appropriately logged into the system as a returned item and can be properly tracked.

Mail Forwarding

Students who move during the school year will have their First Class mail forwarded to them by the information desk staff using our computerized mail forwarding system. Bulk rate mail and merchandise sent by commercial companies cannot be forwarded. It is the student’s responsibility to notify companies, friends, and family of his or her new address to guarantee continued delivery of all mail.

If you move to another hall during the school year: Our computer picks up any moves between halls automatically each week. Although First Class mail will be automatically forwarded, you still must notify correspondents of your new address.

If you move off campus from a hall and are still a student: You must go to the Registrar’s office on the first floor of Sherman Hall and provide them with your new address. Once you have made an address change, your former hall can begin forwarding your mail to your new off-campus address. If you do not change your address, your mail will be sent to the home address listed with the University.

If you are leaving the University at the end of a semester: Whether you leave permanently (graduation or personal reasons) or just for a semester (interning or working), make sure that you have provided the Registrar’s office on the first floor of Sherman Hall with a correct forwarding address. This is especially important if you will not be returning to the home address listed in your University records, since that is where your mail will be sent.

Individual Street Address for the Residence Halls:

Bayliss Hall 
720 W. University Dr.
Macomb, IL 61455

Caroline Grote 
720 W. Adams St.
Macomb, IL 61455

Henninger Hall 
730 W. University Dr. 
Macomb, IL 61455

Higgins Hall 
1310 W. University Dr.
Macomb, IL 61455

International House 
800 Westbrook Circle
Macomb, IL 61455

Lincoln Hall
700 W. Adams St.
Macomb, IL 61455

Olson Hall
400 N Western Ave.
Macomb, IL 61455

Tanner Hall
740 W. University Dr.
Macomb, IL 61455

Thompson Hall
1080 N Western Ave.
Macomb, IL 61455

Washington Hall
710 W. Adams St.
Macomb, IL 61455