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Living-Learning Communities

Western prides itself on providing a supportive environment within the halls that encourages academic success and collaborative learning experiences. WIU students have the opportunity to live in supportive communities where they can learn and connect with other students who share the same interests. 

In addition to our learning communities, our staff is specially trained to help support students through academic struggles.  Here is just a snapshot of how our staff supports students' academic success:

  • Academic Early Warning Intervention and Conversations
  • Making Achievement Possible (MAP) Assessment Program
  • Writing Center and Math Tutor Labs located in the halls
  • Classroom Spaces in the Residence Halls
  • Quiet Study Rooms & Group Study Rooms 



Learn outside the classroom with opportunities to attend Art openings, films, theatre performances & other visual arts events (painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.) both on and off campus. Take advantage of access to studio space with easels and drafting/work tables. Residents show their Western pride with large participation in homecoming, marching band, and other campus activities. Residents support each other by attending attending plays, concerts, or participating in Open Mic Nights.

First-Year Students: Bayliss Hall Upper-Division Students: Corbin Hall

For more information, contact: Charles Wright at


Are you majoring in Broadcasting? This community gives Broadcasting students the opportunity to study together, work collaboratively on projects, and learn from one another. Participate in field trips designed just for you and take advantage of the digitizing equipment available in the commons area to help you complete class assignments. This community helps you achieve your goals as a student and prepare for a career in Broadcasting. Click here to watch a YouTube video. 

First-Year Students: Tanner Hall Upper-Division Students: Corbin Hall

For more information, contact: William Hoon at

Global LINC (Language and Intercultural Community)

Improve your language and intercultural communication skills by living and learning with students from all areas of the world. International and domestic students will hold activities, practice different languages, and learn about intercultural and multicultural relations.

Upper-Division Students: Corbin Hall



Make friends, share experiences, and pursue your academics interests and responsibilities. Live with others who support and encourage you, but also challenge you to do your best academically. While academics is the main focus of the floor environment, residents hang out together on a frequent basis and are eager to attend programs and get involved. An annual ice cream social at the beginning of the year offers students the opportunity to socialize and get to know faculty in the honors college as well as residence hall staff.

First-Year Students: Tanner Hall Upper-Division Students: Thompson Hall

For more information, contact: Dr. Richard Hardy at


Explore your passions, identify your interests and figure out which career and major path is right for you. Choosing a major and career path is a big step and this community gives students the opportunity to be challenged together through various programs to help them discover which pathway is right for them. 

First-Year Students: Henninger Hall

For more information, contact: Dr. Mishelle Oaks at



Live with other pre-nursing/nursing students in an engaging and supportive academic and social environment. Be a part of a community of peers sharing a similar academic interest. Students study and take classes together, and explore the many facets of nursing and what it has to offer. Students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in activities that enrich their academic program by taking classes together, having access to advising in their residence hall, and participating in the Student Nurses Association. Live together, learn together. 

First-Year Students: Tanner Hall Upper-Division Students: Thompson Hall

For more information, contact: Theodore Schultz at

Transfer Year Experience (TYE)

The Transfer Year Experience Program is designed to assist transfer students in their transition to Western Illinois University. The program focuses on helping transfer students adjust to living on campus by facilitating social activities, aiding in the development of strong academic and professional habits, and addressing issues specific to transfer students. Students that live in the community are more likely to develop social ties and connections to their peers and the University because they are surrounded by fellow transfer students on their floor. Anyone planning to transfer from a community college or another college or university should consider the TYE learning community to get on the fast track to success.

Thompson Hall

For more information, contact: Dr. Mishelle Oaks at


Arts Broadcasting Global LINC Honors Nursing Pathways TYE

Point of Pride

Last year, 630 students who lived with us achieved a 3.60 GPA or better with 141 of those having a perfect 4.0.

Interested in a Living-Learning Community? 

If you have not applied for housing:

Complete the online housing application and select Living-Learning Community preference on the application.

If you have already applied for housing:

Log-on to STARS, select "UHDS Housing Information Menu" from the drop-down and click on the "Lifestyle Preference Form Update" button. You will be able to select a variety of options to update, including your Living-Learning Community preference. All preferences must be updated by July 20. 

If you have questions about your eligibility or any other questions about the Living-Learning Community you are interested in, use the contact information provided.

Interested in partnering with UHDS to help our students succeed?  

Contact Mishelle Oaks, Director of Residence Life at