Lofts & Futons

Western Illinois partners with Bedloft.com to offer students a number of convenient, affordable products and services to create more space in their residence hall room. Proceeds from the program support WIU and help fund programs for students throughout the year.

Bed Loft Rental (Tanner Residents ONLY)

Bed lofts are an easy, affordable way to create additional living area in the room. Order now at bedloft.com

Loft Bed TV Hanger Purchase (Tanner Residents ONLY)

This one-of-a-kind TV hanger allows you to hang up to a 42” flat screen television directly from your bed loft! It safely secures your TV without leaving any marks or holes on the walls – essential for college living! Order now at bedloft.com


Futons are available for purchase for all residents. Order now at bedloft.com

Do-it-Yourself Lofts (Tanner Residents ONLY)

If you decide to construct your own loft, please keep in mind that lofts are required to be free standing and can not be attached to any furniture, wall or ceiling and must be fire resistant. Storage of bed frames is limited and on a first come, first served basis. We do not store mattresses.

Loft Dismantling

All lofts, rented or personal, must be taken down prior to finals week. This is to ensure a quiet, respectful academic environment in which students can prepare for their exams. Each hall will post guidelines related to bedframe retrieval.

**Bed loft rental, loft bed TV Hanger, and do-it-yourself lofts are an option for Tanner Hall residents only.