Administrative Questions

Room Assignment/Payment Questions

Where can I go to get a housing packet?
After you have been accepted to the University, you will receive instructions on how to apply online or receive a housing application packet in the mail. They are also available in Seal Hall and the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center in the University Union.

When I apply for housing, am I guaranteed a place to stay?
We guarantee housing for all undergraduate students.

How do I sign up for housing?
To complete a Residence Hall Contract and Application form, you must be a newly accepted Western Illinois University student. Accepted students will receive a mailing from the Admissions office and from the Office of the Registrar after they have been accepted to the university. Once this has been received, proceed to the on-line version of the housing application if you are paying with a major credit/debit card. When filling out the application, please make sure to have the correct telephone listed where the student can be contacted. Also, PLEASE make sure to check the WIU email account as information is sent to students over the summer. Housing application must be completed by the student.

How do I get a single room?
Each year a certain number of singles are allocated for first year students and for returning students. These are filled on a first come first serve basis related to a student's contract number. Each student may choose to place their name on the Singles Waiting list. To perform this task one should go to STARS after you have received your assignment. If you have problems from there you may go and talk to the hall clerk of your building or call Seal Hall.

What if I need to pay with a check?
Students who need to pay the processing fee by cash or check should contact our office by calling 309-298-3000 or emailing uhds@wiu.edu to request a paper copy of the application. 

Students who haven't applied for on-campus housing please do so as soon as possible. Since all Freshman and Sophomores are required to live on campus, students would be charged a non-compliance charge for not living on campus.

When will I know my housing assignment?
We begin processing housing contracts received in date order in late-July for fall Semester (December for Spring semester) and email out assignment information weekly.

When will I know who my roommate is?
This information typically becomes available during late-July. You may check your STARS account to find out the name of your future roommate. This information is available in real-time on STARS. When your roommate has been assigned, the information becomes automatically available.

How are roommates assigned?
We use housing preference to match roommates or you can use the WIU Roommate Matching System on STARS. Preferences such as study habits, cleanliness, sleeping habits are taken into consideration. We encourage this form to be completed by the student.

In order for us to make as accurate assignments as possible, Roommates need to be mutually confirmed by July 20, 2014.

What if I have a special request for housing?
Students needing special housing requests because of disabilities or other circumstances please email uhds@wiu.edu or call the housing office at 309-298-3000. (Make sure to include your Full name and ID#).

Living Off Campus Questions

I want to live off-campus. What are the requirements and how do I go about doing it?
Students at WIU are required to live on campus for 4 semesters or at least 60 credit hours. If you do not meet these requirements you will need to petition to live off campus. To receive petition information come to the Housing office in Seal Hall. If there are health issues, you will need to provide a doctor's note and medical release along with the petition. It should be noted that students with 1 or more years of active military service can apply prior military living and other residence hall living experiences towards the requirements.

Where can I change my address?
4 Locations: STARS, Registrar's Office, Seal Hall, and the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center in the University Union.


How do I use STARS?
When you sign onto STARS you will need your ID# and password to get logged in. When you first sign on, your password will be the month and day and full year of your birthday. Ex. 07081985. Once you are logged in you may conduct several items of business. You may register for classes, put money on your meal card; there is a calendar there and many other things.

Move-In Questions

When can I move into the halls in August?
All residence halls open on Friday, August 22 starting at 8am.

Students will be asked to arrive to campus at a certain time & date depending on the distance they live from campus and class status. This helps avoid waiting in lines. If they cannot arrive at their assigned time and date, they can come any time on that date or after 8am.

New Student Convocation is at 6pm on the day of new student move-in and we encourage them to arrive before this event so they may attend. While it is recommended that first year students arrive on the assigned day for orientation activities, the residence halls will accommodate move-ins until the classes begin.

When can I move into the halls in January?
The halls open two days prior to classes beginning at 12:00 noon. If classes begin on Monday, we will open on Saturday at noon. If classes begin on Tuesday, we will open on Sunday at noon.

How do we know where to go to move in?
There will be police officers and university staff directing you where to go on opening day in the fall. In the spring proceed directly to the hall you have been assigned to.

What if I need to move in before my assigned day and time?
Students having special circumstances that requires them to move in prior to the scheduled move-in date will need to contact our housing office for permission at 309-298-3320. There will be a daily fee charged to those that have permission for early move-in. **Members of special groups (band, athlete, etc.) will need to work with coaches or advisors to obtain permission for early arrival. The daily fee will not apply to special groups.

ID Card Questions

Where can I go to get my ID?
Two Places: Seal Hall front office, Monday-Friday 8-4:30 or the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center in the University Union., Monday-Thursday 8-5:30, Friday 8-4:30.

What do I do if I lose my ID or need to inactivate it?
Call the UHDS Office at 309-298-3000 during business hours to cancel the card or the Office of Public Safety 298-1949 if it is an evening or weekend. You may also deactivate your card on STARS. Obtain a new ID at Seal Hall or the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center in the University Union. The cost for a new card is $25.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us at (309) 298-2461 or via email to housing@wiu.edu.

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