Life in the Halls Related Questions

FYE Program Questions

What is the FYE program?
This is a structured program for first year students to help with academic, social and personal transitions to college.

Roommate Questions

How will you assign me a roommate?
We use a lifestyle preference form or any requested roommate from the Roommate Matching System/STARS to match roommates. Preferences such as study habits, cleanliness, sleeping habits are taken into consideration. We encourage this form to be completed by the student. Please note that we do not make roommate changes based on MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking via the internet.

What if I do not get along with my roommate? 
Sometimes we have situations where students are not compatible. We first encourage the roommates to talk with their RA and their hall staff about the situation and attempt to work through the concerns. If students are unable to work the situation out the hall staff will provide the students with other living options. Students should be aware of our no-move policy for the first 10 days of classes. This allows us the opportunity to determine our available space on campus. This year, room moves will not begin any earlier than September 9, 2014.

How do I request a roommate?
On your housing application form there is a place for roommate requests. This request must be mutual. Roommates are guaranteed if information is received by April 1st. If you find a roommate after you have turned in your application, you may write Beth Campbell at Ce-Campbell1@wiu.edu.

How do I switch rooms?
You would first begin by talking with your Resident Assistant about your roommate problems or concerns. They will advise you accordingly about switching rooms. Ultimately the Hall Clerk for the hall would facilitate the administrative aspects of the move.

Lost Keys

What happens if I lose my key?
Students may check out for a limited time a spare key at the front desk of your hall. You can also order a new key from the information desk. Your locks will be changed for a fee and billed to your student account.


Where can I buy my textbooks and may I charge them?
Books may be purchased at the University Union Bookstore. Books may not be charged to the student's university account. Payment must be made by cash, check or credit card.


Can a friend visit me and stay in my room?
Residents of the halls are allowed to have visitors of either gender, but the visitor MUST be escorted at all times. You are allowed to have a visitor spend the night, with a maximum of 3 consecutive nights within a 10-day period. If you have a roommate, it is required that you have your roommate's approval for this.

Quiet Hours

What are quiet hours? 
During the first two weeks of school, the students will meet as a floor and determine quiet hour guidelines. The floor sets the time for quiet hours to begin, somewhere between 7 and 9pm during the week nights.


Is alcohol allowed in the halls?
Alcohol is not allowed in the under-division halls, Bayliss, Henninger or Tanner. In all the other halls it is allowed only if the student is 21. If alcohol is being consumed in a room, the door must be closed and all persons in the room must be 21.


Can I have a pet in my room?
Only aquarium fish are allowed in the residence halls. All other pets are prohibited.

Break Period Questions

Can I stay on campus over breaks?
Our halls close during break periods.

Do I have to take my belongings home over breaks? 
No. Students can leave their things in their rooms during fall, winter and spring breaks. They must take everything home for the summer.

When can I move into the halls in January?
The halls open two days prior to classes beginning at 12:00 noon. If classes begin on Monday, we will open on Saturday at noon. If classes begin on Tuesday, we will open on Sunday at noon.

Why does my child have to move out during summer?
During the summer we offer a limited number of courses for students. Our campus population is smaller in the summer. We ask all students to move out in the summer so that we can perform cleaning and maintenance to our facilities. We will open one hall in the summer for summer school housing.

Campus Safety Questions

What security measures are taken in the halls?
Security cameras are at all entrances of the halls. All of the halls except Higgins Hall have keyed elevators. 24 hour Information Desks monitor security. The front doors lock at a certain time each night. Staff perform safety rounds through the hall and are "on call" in case of emergency. We work closely with the Office of Public Safety by having "Teams Police" officers assigned to each area on campus. They do programs in the building and often get to know residents that way.

Is the campus safe?
We have Teams Police Officers in the halls, a Beacon-blue light system, WESCORT-escort service, Go West bus system, and educational programs in the halls to educate about safety. Staff is on duty 24 hours in case of emergency. While the campus of WIU is safe we still encourage students to take their own precautions. We recommend that students should lock their rooms at all times and they should walk around campus in groups when appropriate.

What do I do if I need medical assistance? 
Contact your information desk, a university staff member, the Office of Public Safety, or Beu Health Center. We have an Emergency Medical Service that is on duty each evening to conduct assessments for minor medical needs.

Dining Plan Questions

What are the dining options?
We have Basic, Plus Option 1 and Plus Option 2. Basic is the lowest priced option with Plus Option 2 being the highest priced. After the tenth academic day of the semester, the plan cannot be changed.

Can I eat anywhere on campus?
Students can eat in any dining center on campus and in the Union using their meal plan.

How can I add money to my card?
To add money, log onto STARS or go to the Housing office in Seal Hall. This is the same process for off campus students.

How can I check to see how much money I have on my accounts?
When you go through the lunch lines or vending machines it should show your current balance. Students can log onto STARS to view account information. You may also call or visit Seal Hall and they will tell you your balance information.

Explain how the meal plan is structured.
The meal plan at WIU is Alacarte meaning that each item is individually priced.

What is Rocky Dollars?
Rocky Dollars can be used for vending, campus bookstore, and washing machines. It is also used to eat in the university union for on-campus and off-campus students.

How do I get the unused dollars on my meal plan at the end of the semester? At the end of the year?
At the end of the semester in December, any unused dollars roll into the next semester. At the end of the semester in May, depending on your Dining Plan code based on your date of acceptance to the University, refunds are sent to the address on your university file. Students will receive up to $250 ($125 per semester) of any unused Dining funds. Students withdrawing from the University will be subject to a prorated point adjustment.

Transportation and Vehicle Questions

Can I have a car on campus?
All students can bring cars to campus. A parking pass costs $42 for the year for Q-Lot and Residence Hall lots. 

Where do I get my parking permit?
The parking permit may be purchased at parking services located in Mowbray Hall on C T Vivan Way (Murray Street) or at the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center in the University Union.

Where can I find the bus route? What are the hours for the buses?
You can go online to Go West's website or call 298-3353 for more Go West Information.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us at (309) 298-2461 or via email to housing@wiu.edu.

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