Summer Assistant (SA) Selection Information

The Purpose of the Position: Summer Assistants (SA) are an integral part of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) summer operations. They are the live-in staff members who have the most direct and constant contact with summer guests and students. SAs are assigned to a residence hall floor of up to 80 guests OR students. They are the front-line customer service staff for conference and summer school housing. An SA's primary responsibility is to act as a facilitator for this residence hall community, and to enhance the social, educational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, vocational, cultural and environmental development of each of the residents and all guests of the building. Summer Assistants will also assist UHDS with summer operations such as camps and conferences or summer orientation. SAs will present a positive image of Western Illinois University by having a pleasant demeanor, helpful disposition, a responsive attitude, and a professional appearance. The SA is responsible to and supported by the Assistant Conference Coordinator, who in turn reports to the Conference Coordinator.

Apply to be a SA (start date of May 27, 2014):

  1. Review the position information
  2. Think about why you are applying. We will ask you to respond to the following questions: 
    1. What about the Summer Assistant position interests you?
    2. What strengths do you have that would contribute to your performance as a Summer Assistant?
    3. Please list leadership positions held. What activities have you been involved in on campus (organizations, volunteer, etc.) and how have the helped to prepare you for the position you are applying for?
    4. Please discuss any previous employment and the responsibilities/duties you have held that would assist you as a Summer Assistant.
    5. What expected commitments for the summer (organizations, vacation, volunteer, activities)?
    6. Are you intending to take summer courses? If so, what is your projected academic schedule for both 4-week summer school sessions?
  3. Ensure you have contact information for two references. References should speak to your ability to perform in a desk assistant position at Western Illinois University. Please do not include family members or close friends.
  4. Complete the Online Application  

Please email Caitlin Davis (CN-Davis@wiu.edu) if you have any questions or problems submitting your application. Interviews will be scheduled after applications are submitted and reviewed.

SA Selection Timeline

For 2014 Summer Assistant hiring process:

  • January 16: Application Opens
  • February 14: Application Closes at 4:30PM
  • February 24-March 3: Interviews
  • March 6-7: Offers Made
  • March 17: Acceptance Deadline 

SA Application