Student Life

Housing & Restrooms

If you are in need of housing accommodations for any concerns related to gender identity/expression or sexual orientation, please contact Bridget McCormick, Assistant Director of Administration, through the housing office in Seal Hall. Bridget can be reached at or 309-298-3320.

If you have a conflict with your roommate, you are encouraged to try to work out the conflict. If you are unable to work it out, you may seek assistance from the Resident Assistant (RA) on your floor. If the RA is not available, then the Complex Director or Assistant Complex Director of the hall can provide support. All of the Complex Directors have a first floor office or can be reached through the front desk. Possible solutions include mediation between roommates, a roommate agreement approach, or exploring options for moving to another location. Students can look into moving any time after the first 10 days of the semester. The moving process can be facilitated through the Hall Clerk in each building, located on the first floor.

Should any incident happen in the residence halls, you have the following options:

  1. You may directly contact the Office of Public Safety at 309-298-1949 to make a report.
  2. You may work with your hall staff (beginning with the RA or Complex Directors in the hall) to make an internal report or to seek help in contacting the Office of Public Safety to make a report.
  3. For non-emergency needs, you may contact the front desk of the community to contact a Residence Life staff member. Community desks are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Often times, the Office of Public Safety and the University Housing and Dining Staff work together to address concerns students have about potential policy violations, incidents in the halls, or even incidents that occur elsewhere on campus. Both Pubic Safety and University Housing and Dining are here to support you, they just need to know what support you need.

Gender Neutral Restrooms are located in:

  • Beu - 1st Floor Restrooms

  • Brophy - 2nd Floor Restrooms (231 & 233)

  • Currens - Restroom 112

  • Horrabin - Restrooms 84, 85, & 118

  • Multicultural Center - 2nd Floor Restroom

  • Recital Hall  - Restrooms 506 & 522

  • Sherman - Restroom 104

  • Simpkins - Restrooms 103, 203, 303

  • Student Recreation Center - Mezzanine Level
  • Veteran's Resource Center - 1st floor restroom

Gender Inclusive Bathrooms