Student Life

Out List

Below is a list of at least some of the WIU faculty, staff, and administrators who self-identify as trans* and/or non-heterosexual. In addition to their names, the list includes how they identify and their affiliation to the university (i.e., department or job title).

Out List
Name How They Identify Affiliation
Matthew Beck Gay Counselor Education
Scott Brouette Gay Assistant Director Student Services
Merrill Cole Queer Professor of English and Advisor for the Queer Studies minor
Casey LaFrance Queer Political Science Bill 
Bill Kincaid Gay Theatre and Dance
Sandy McFadden Lesbian Psychology
Susan Meiers Lesbian Biological Sciences
Lisa Melz-Jennings Lesbian Advising and Academic Services Center
Joseph Rives Gay Strategic Planning & Initiatives 
Bill Thompson Queer University Libraries/English Department/UPI President
Lynn Thompson Gay Music
Craig Tollini Gay Sociology and Anthropology/Chair of UCOSOGIE