Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Retention Initiatives

Leatherneck Care Referral

Western Illinois University is committed to the emotional and physical well-being of all students, as well as their academic success. The Division of Student Services offers an easy-to-use tool to share non-emergency related concerns about student behaviors and potential barriers to success.

Any individual connected with the Western Illinois University community is welcome to submit a Leatherneck Care Referral. Upon submission, the referrer will receive an email receipt confirming the submission of the referral, which indicates staff is activating a coordinated response to support the student or students involved. 

If a concern involves an immediate safety risk to self or others, please stop and call 911 or contact the Office of Public Safety at 309-298-1949. Leatherneck Care Referrals are for non-emergency related concerns only.

What happens after I submit a Leatherneck Care Referral?

Once a student has been identified as needing support, appropriate staff will respond with an inclusive and suitable response to that particular student and will connect with the student to help resolve the student issue. Connection methods include emails, phone calls, personal check-ins, communication with academic staff, and meetings with other professionals. The appropriateness of each connection method is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What kinds of behaviors or concerns should be referred?

Non-emergency related concerns can be referred via a Leatherneck Care Referral.  Barriers to student success can range from academic, behavioral, emotional, physical, and social concerns.  

It is possible that any one of these signs may simply mean a student is having an "off" day; however, please note, anyone who displays a serious sign or cluster of small signs may have an impact on student success. When in doubt, please report. Staff will seek to determine whether an expressed concern is an isolated event or a sign a student may need additional support. 

When should I submit a Leatherneck Care Referral and when should I contact University police?

If the concern is urgent or you have any concern about a student's safety, call the Office of Public Safety at 309-298-1949 or call 911. If you are concerned about a student and it is not an emergency situation, fill out a Leatherneck Care Referral. 

How does submitting a Leatherneck Care Referral benefit a student? 

Staff identify students of concern and redresses threats to student retention. Staff will work to recognize and bridge the gap between poor academic performance, financial needs, social dysfunction, and emotional, behavioral or medical issues. Based on the student's situation, staff members can provide the student with the appropriate resources for their specific needs.

Will I know the outcome of my referral?

Upon submission, you will receive an email receipt confirming the submission of the referral which indicates staff is activating a coordinated response to support the student or students involved. In some instances, you may be contacted if additional information is required that may impact the best approach to assist a student. 

Please note privacy concerns and regulations prevent disclosure of specific details regarding the action taken on a referral. You may not receive individual details on the action taken from your referral for this reason. 

Am I betraying trust if I submit a referral? 

If you have concerns about a student’s behavior and would like to see the student receive early intervention, please share your concerns. We ask that you do not promise confidentiality as you may very likely have to break this promise if a student’s well-being is at stake. An acceptable response to this request is, “I cannot promise total confidentiality, but I do promise that I will only share this information with those who need to know and who can help.”

Where can I submit a Referral?

Link to Leatherneck Care Referral