Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Retention Initiatives

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Leatherneck Success Team

The Leatherneck Success Team (LST) is a peer-to-peer resource and mentoring for students. The team consists of a group of Western Illinois University students who have a passion for mentoring fellow students. LST members are available four days a week to meet with their peers to discuss a variety of different topics including, but not limited to:

  • Time Management, organization, and prioritization
  • Developing a study plan
  • Learning new ways to study and take notes
  • Navigating syllabi
  • Talking to professors
  • Discovering campus resources
  • Geting involved
  • Finding a quiet place to study / a study partner
  • Much more


The overall goal of LST is to aid in the academic and success skill development of fellow Leathernecks.


Mentorships and Connections

The Office of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Retention Initiatives is proud to offer a number of resources and additional ways to find connections, mentors, and assistance to students. Both the Building Connections Mentorship program and the Leatherneck Success Team offer fantastic ways for students to find additional people on campus who are focused on and committed to their success.   

Building Connections Student Mentorship Program

The Building Connections Mentorship program focuses on assisting students in their transition to Western Illinois University. Students are paired with faculty and staff members who facilitate individual meetings to discuss campus connections, resources, and more. 

Students taking University 100 will automatically be paired with a Building Connections Mentor. Any student may sign up for a Building Connections Mentor by clicking here and completing the request form.

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Student Success Tools and Development

A large part of being successful is knowing where to find important information. The following list overviews some of the common resource and tools students may find helpful.

Upcoming Events


Please contact the Office of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Retention Initiatives for questions or scheduling LST to present to your student organization or class.
Seal Hall 101
(309) 298-2436

Visit the Student Success Centers

(no appointment necessary)

Monday-Thursday from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Thompson Hall, 2nd floor
  • Lincoln Hall 106 & 107

Meet the LST Members

Ayanna Garcia, Leatherneck Success Team

Ayanna Garcia
Major: Health Services Management
Class: Senior

Christopher Gibson, Leatherneck Success Team

Christopher Gibson
Major: Accountancy
Class: Junior

Derek Johnson, Leatherneck Success Team

Derek Johnson
Major: LEJA
Class: Sophomore

Derek Lahey, Leatherneck Success Team

Derek Lahey
Major: Supply Chain Management
Class: Senior

Bianca Reyes, Leatherneck Success Team

Bianca Reyes
Major: Political Science
Class: Senior

Nathan Simon, Leatherneck Success Team

Nathan Simon
Major: LEJA
Class: Senior

Tea Wheat, Leatherneck Success Team

Tea Wheat
Major: Elementary Education
Class: Senior