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Student Organization Registration

Student Organizations register with the Office of Student Activities to ensure they are recognized by the University and can receive important resources that help ensure the success of their organizations. Every active student organization is required to re-register on PurplePost 2.0 every Spring. This ensures officer and advisor information, organization constitutions, and other important information about the organization is regularly updated.

Re-Registration for 2019-2020 IS NOW OPEN

Registration for the 2019-2020 academic year will be open from March 18th to May 3rd on PurplePost 2.0 . Any active student organizations that did not complete registration during the Fall 2018 and any new student organizations may complete registration at this time. Only officers of the organization (not general members or advisors) may complete the registration form, and the WIU Faculty/Staff Advisor will be asked to complete an Advisor Agreement.

Here are detailed instructions for STUDENTS to help complete the registration process, including a list of important information needed to complete the registration form.

Here are detailed instructions for ADVISORS to help complete the registration process

Here is a quick step guide for both students and advisors to follow for the registration process:

  • Student officer logs into PurplePost 2.0 using their Ecom login, goes to "Organizations" tab on Western Illinois University community home page, and clicks green “Register New Organization” button on page 
  • Student officer completes registration form
  • Faculty/Staff Advisor receives email asking them to review student’s registration form and complete Advisor Agreement form with their contact info and students' info
  • Staff member from the Office of Student Activities reviews registration and Advisor Agreement to ensure they are completed correctly
  • Student officer and Advisor will receive messages indicating whether their registration and Advisor Agreement were approved, denied, or re-opened for them to make more changes
  • Once an organization's registration has been approved, a portal will be created for the organization on PurplePost 2.0, and the student whom submitted the registration and the Advisor will be administrators for the portal

Registering a New Student Organization

New organizations may register on PurplePost 2.0 at any time. It is highly recommended students and/or advisors looking to start a new organization meet with a staff member from the Office of Student Activities to review the requirements and benefits of being a registered student organization: email the Office of Student Activities at or call 309-298-3232 to set up a meeting.

Here is a list of basic requirements for new student organizations to register:

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, please call 309-298-3232 or email For additional information about the Office of Student Activities, visit our website.

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