Office of Student Activities

Resources for Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations are entitled to certain resources, and this page outlines the majority of them. The purpose of these resources is to help student organizations be successful in their endeavors, including the reservation of space for their meetings and events, marketing resources to help promote their organization and initiatives, and access to affordable services on campus. 

PurplePost 2.0

PurplePost 2.0 is the new student organization database that enables registered student organizations to have their own portal in which other students, faculty, and staff can access the page to learn more about the organization. Student organizations can manage their roster, upload photos, include links to social media accounts, create forms and polls, share documents, and market events through the interactive calendar features. The first version of PurplePost at will be inactive beginning July 1. 

Student Organization Center

The Student Organization Center (SOC), located on the basement level of the University Union, is home to offices for SGA, UUB, and 15 other student organizations. The SOC has open meeting space for all student organizations and to help promote collaboration and communication between student organizations. 

Scheduling Space

Scheduling & Event Services - University Union (including information tables and banners in the concourse), Multicultural Center, outdoor events, non-athletic events in Western Hall

  • Complete an event request via PurplePost 2.0 on your organization's portal to make reservations and coordinate other services for your events

University Housing - space in the residence halls

Academic Buildings

  • Requests for space in these buildings must be made through their individual academic offices


Graphic Designers

  • The Office of Student Activities has two graphic design students who generate graphics for registered student organizations, free of charge. To utilize their services, log into PurplePost and complete a Graphics Request Form


  • Posters and fliers can be hung across campus with the permission of the individual building managers. There are also a few digital poster options on campus.Here is a thorough poster distribution list that provides instructions on where posters can be distributed and how digital posters can be submitted.


Students may print for free on campus, and Document and Publications Services also provides printing services at cost. A lot of student organizations and offices on campus use them for color printing and poster production. Here is a link to their website


Registered student organizations must use Sodexo catering services on campus, unless explicit written permission is granted by the University. Sodexo offers a cost-effective menu for student organizations. Here is a link to their website

Transportation Services

Registered student organizations may rent University vehicles, at a cost, for travel specific to their student organization, but only University staff or faculty may rent and operate the vehicles. Here is a link to their website


Any questions about resources can be directed to the Office of Student Activities by calling 309-298-3232 or by emailing 

SOC Hours

Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.


For Additional Information Contact:

Phone: (309)298-3232