Student Development Office

Western Illinois University Handbook 2013-2014

Welcome to Western Illinois University! We are delighted that you have chosen to attend Western. The WIU Student Handbook has been designed to acquaint you with the services, policies, procedures, and regulations of the University. The handbook serves as an introduction to various campus programs and information sources and provides a summary of behavioral expectations. I encourage you to read through it carefully, as it will help you get the most out of your Western experience.

student handbook cover

Student leaders, faculty, and staff are eager to make your years at Western some of the most rewarding of your life. A comprehensive collegiate experience is built on a challenging academic program, involvement in University life, and cooperation with, and respect for, other campus community members. This handbook features many resources that are available to you at WIU. I hope that you take full advantage of them during your Western years.

We have made every effort to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for you. However, you should keep in mind that it is your responsibility to exercise common sense and use good judgment relative to your personal safety. We expect you to be a good citizen of both WIU and Macomb.

You are expected to know, understand, and follow University regulations appearing in the University Catalog, Residence Hall Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, and other official publications. Changes may occur concerning services, policies, and regulations which appear in these publications, so it’s important that you stay current on community expectations and standards. Stay informed about what’s happening on campus as well.

For further information, please visit any of our campus resources, your resident assistant or other housing and dining staff, the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center, your academic adviser, or other members of the campus community, who are here to help you. Information is also available on the Student Services website, in the Western Courier, and on the various bulletin boards found in Sherman Hall, the University Union, residence halls, and classroom buildings. The Student Government Association (SGA) offices are located on the lower level of the University Union. Your student leaders can be a valuable resource and provide support during your Western years. Study hard, get involved, participate in campus life, exercise care and good judgment, be a responsible citizen, and enjoy your Western experience.

My sincere best wishes as you begin an exciting and successful year.
Good luck!

Gary M. Biller, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Services