Student Development Office

Honorary Organizations

Check with your department and the complete student organization listing for more departmental and institutional honorary organizations.

Blue Key
Recognizes juniors and seniors who have displayed outstanding characteristics of leadership, scholarship, and service during their years at Western Illinois University. Persons wishing to be considered for membership in Blue Key must apply by petitioning the group. Information on the petition period will be published on the OSA Website. Membership in Blue Key is recognized as an outstanding campus honor.

Mortar Board
Recognized as concerned and intelligent young students, members of Mortar Board are selected during their junior year and serve during their senior year. Membership signifies honor, offers challenge, and represents commitment.

The challenge to the individual and to the group is to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication, and to move toward the achievement of self-defined, meaningful goals. The commitment is to extend the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service to the broad community.

Each Mortar Board group is unique. Each chapter is built on its own campus and community; each has its own sense of history and accomplishment.

As a national organization, Mortar Board is committed to adding vitality to areas of critical concern in the world community. The evolution of Mortar Board mirrors an attempt to keep pace with an ever-changing society.