Student Development Office

Scheduling of University Facilities

Scheduling Student Activities
To ensure that necessary University facilities and services are available and prepared, organized on-campus activities should be scheduled through the appropriate University office (see following Scheduling Procedure) before any event plans are implemented or publicized. University facilities have a great impact on WIU's campus community and surrounding community, a factor that should be taken into account by all involved in the planning/ scheduling of University facilities, equipment, or services. Full consideration of activities, including potentially adverse implications, should be reviewed before energy and resources are heavily invested in them.

Programs in University Facilities
In general, the University schedules all its programs on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The program is of an educational nature.
  • The program is sponsored by a responsible, recognized University or faculty group. These groups include:
    • colleges, divisions, and departments of the University;
    • national, learned, professional, and honorary societies;
    • established clubs composed of faculty members and/or their spouses;
    • recognized student clubs and organizations; or
    • individual students working on classroom projects with written faculty approval.
  • The programs do not interfere with the regular work of the University or any department.

Exceptions may be made to the second group of criteria listed above only in the case of community-wide organizations. These groups must, of course, meet the other two criteria.