Student Employment



When a vacancy occurs, the department should notify the Student Employment Office of the opening by completing the Employer Job Vacancy Form online. The job listing will be added to our database for inclusion on the web and will also be posted outside the Financial Aid Office at 127 Sherman Hall. Students interested in posted vacancies should contact the hiring department or listed contact person in order to apply for the position.

The Student Employment Office reviews all student job listings.  If it appears that a job requirement could be discriminatory, the Equal Opportunity Officer will review the request.  The Student Employment Office will not list job openings which contain clear indications of discriminatory intent.

To assist you in offering equal access to campus employment opportunities for students, refer to the following checklist of steps for filling openings:

  1. List all job openings with the Student Employment Office to allow for campus-wide distribution. You may also post openings in your area.
  2. Provide a written job description to each applicant. This description should outline requirements for the position and should list the primary duties. In listing requirements, keep in mind that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) insures that all qualified applicants will be considered for employment with or without the need for accommodation.
  3. Discuss the job requirements with each applicant including hours to be worked. Questions not related to the applicant's ability to perform the job should be avoided. This includes personal questions about a student’s background, associations, etc.
  4. Maintain a written record of each applicant's interview. Include notes on the reason(s) why each applicant was or was not selected for the position. Keep these records in a locked secure location. These records should be shredded after three years from time of hire according to the Secretary of State Records Act.

After all of the candidates have been interviewed, it is the responsibility of the interviewer to notify the student(s) of the outcome of the hiring decision. The department should also notify Student Employment by telephone or email to remove the listing.

A copy of the Discrimination Complaint Procedure must be posted in a place where it is visible to all students. Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity & Access, (309) 298-1977 for further information.

NOTE: Off-campus employers periodically list job openings with the Student Employment Office. Since off-campus non-work study employment opportunities are not under the jurisdiction of Western, the University assumes no obligation for verification of job standards, worker’s compensation, or affirmative action procedures.