Student Employment

Terminating Student Employment

If the student wishes to resign from his/her student employment position, the individual should notify the supervisor at least one week in advance of the last date of employment. This allows the supervisor time to begin the search for a replacement.

If a student's work is unsatisfactory or if other conditions make continued employment inadvisable, the supervisor may request that the job assignment be canceled/terminated after the student is notified. Student Employment Office recommends the supervisor should notify the student with a verbal warning first. If the verbal warning is not successful, the student should be given a written warning with a deadline date. If the student does not meet the conditions in the written warning by the deadline, the student may be terminated. All verbal and written disciplinary actions should be documented in the student’s personnel record maintained by the department. If the student feels the termination was discriminatory based on protected class status, the student may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at 309-298-1977.


After the final date of employment has been determined, the employing department must terminate the online authorization by changing the end date to the last date worked and changing the authorized amount to the final earnings following the procedures and training provided by the Student Employment Office.

University Withdrawal

A student withdrawing from the University is no longer eligible for student employment. The Student Employment Office will automatically process a termination effective the date of withdrawal.

Automatic Termination

No action needs to be taken by the supervisor/employing department if the student works until the ending date of employment shown on the student employment authorization. Employment will automatically terminate on the date shown on the authorization. If the student does not earn all of the authorized total expected earnings, a revision may be completed onlineby the department in order to change the total expected earnings to equal the actual amount earned. After the final payroll is processed for the academic year, fiscal year, and summer, the Student Employment Office will request a program be run to automatically update all authorization amounts to equal the actual amount earned.