Student Judicial Programs


The mission of Student Judicial Programs (SJP) is to fairly and reasonably develop, disseminate, interpret, and enforce regulations while protecting student rights, addressing student behavioral problems, reinforcing standards of academic excellence and social responsibility, promoting educational opportunity and personal growth, and encouraging activities that prevent violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

Institutional Values

Members of Western Illinois University have been participating in a comprehensive strategic planning process. In March 2004, the Board of Trustees approved the plan and gave it the title "Higher Values in Higher Education: A Plan for Western Illinois University." The introduction to that document characterizes the University's future direction:

In an emerging global community, universities must educate students so that they uphold standards of civility and civic responsibility and continue learning after graduation. Western Illinois University will prepare its students and graduates to contribute to the global community as it grows and changes. This preparation will be rooted in the values that our university embraces: academic excellence; opportunity; social responsibility, and personal growth.

Student Judicial Programs affirms these institutional values and will remain active in helping students achieve the highest ideals of academic and social conduct.

Student Judicial Programs

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