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University Theme Events

Find below a listing of all University Theme-related events for the upcoming school year. If you have an event related to the University Theme of Ethics: A Foundation for Personal Growth and Social Responsibility, please send an email to


February 27, 2015: "Ethical Issues for Healthcare Workers"

12:00 -12:50 p.m., Memorial Hall 208

Debbie Bates, MMT, MT-BC, is senior music therapist at the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio).  Her presentation will explore ethical issues that may be encountered in healthcare settings. Participants will briefly review core ethical principles and influences on ethical decision making before exploring issues that may be encountered in the healthcare setting, such as dual relationships, social media, confidentiality, and gifts. This presentation will include didactic material and group discussion.


February 28, 2015: "Ethics and Technology: Boundaries for Music Therapists"

10:30 - 12:00 noon, Browne 220

Debbie Bates, MMT, MT-BC, is senior music therapist at the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio).  Through didactic and experiential exercises, this presentation will review ethics foundations, explore the risks and benefits of technology in music therapy practice, inherent ethical dilemmas, and provide suggestions for ethical implementation.


March 30, 2015: "Ethics and Practices of place-making in the Latina/o Midwest"

2:30 p.m.
Western Illinois University-Quad Cities (3300 River Drive Moline, IL) in Riverfront Hall rooms 103/104

Dr. Claire F. Fox is Professor in the Departments of English and Spanish and Portuguese and co-director of the Latina/o Studies minor at the University of Iowa. This event is welcome to the public and a reception will follow the lecture. The 2015 University theme lecture is sponsored by the University Theme Committee, WIU-QC Communication Student Society (CSS), and WIU-QC Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Organization (LASSO). 

April 9th, 2015: "It's Pronounced Metrosexual"

6:30 p.m.
Western Illinois University-Quad Cities (3300 River Drive Moline, IL) in Riverfront Hall 111

It’s Pronounced Metrosexual is a one-person comedy show about snap judgments, identity, and oppression (hilarious, right?) – but in a funny way. Sam Killermann uses funny stories from his life to illustrate the components of the cycle of oppression, focusing on the delicate balance between individual identity, group identity, and oversharing embarrassing personal experiences to a large crowd of strangers.  



April 20, 2015: "The Arrow of Care"

4:00 pm, Morgan Hall 109

Asha Bhandary, an ethicist from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Iowa will deliver a lecture called "The Arrow of Care."  She will discuss the tensions between feminism and multiculturalism on issues such as arranged marriages.  The lecture is at 4:00 PM on April 20 , 2015 in Morgan Hall, room 109.


April  27, 2015: "Against Fairness"

4:00 pm, Morgan Hall 109

Stephen Asma, a philosopher from Columbia College-Chicago, will present and address an ethical question that is fundamental to the operation of civil society: How "fair" should we be to others? Should we treat everyone fairly (i.e. equally)? Or, should some individuals and groups benefit from our favoritism?

In Asma's view, the most appropriate and achievable ethical standard of fairness would grant special privileges to individuals in a relatively small social circle (family, friends, and those with shared backgrounds and interests).

Asma is a distinguished scholar and professor of philosophy in the Department of the Humanities, as well as a founding fellow of the Research Group in Mind, Science and Culture at Columbia College-Chicago. He is the author of several books, and he writes regularly for "The New York Times" and is a frequent radio and television guest.