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Personal Assessments

The Counseling Center has assessments to help students:

  1. Determine their psychological problems.
  2. Describe their personality characteristics and compare them to others.
  3. Provide information about study skills.
  4. Gain insight into their relationships. 
  5. Provide information about their academic skills.
  6. Choose a major or career.

Tests Include:

  • Attention deficit/ hyperactivity screening battery
  • Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)
  • Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II)
  • Career Decision Making System (CDMS)
  • COPS system (COPS)
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B)
  • Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory
  • Myers-Briggs
  • NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R)
  • Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)
  • Personality Research Form (PRF)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale