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Employment Opportunities within UHDS

Graduate Student Employment

  • Assistant Complex Director: Assistant Complex Directors are graduate students who are involved in various administrative and management functions, as well as all areas of student development. Questions? Contact Dr. Mishelle Oaks at MD-Oaks@wiu.edu or 309-298-3328.
  • GFH Resident Managers: Resident Managers work in our University Graduate and Family Housing Apartments as community facilitators, crisis responders and day-to-day administrators of our apartments. Questions? Contact Joseph Roselieb at JA-Roselieb@wiu.edu

Professional/Full-Time Employment

  • Complex Director: Complex Directors are responsible for the overall administration and supervision of a residence hall housing approximately 600-900 students. Questions? Contact Dr. Mishelle Oaks at MD-Oaks@wiu.edu or 309-298-3328.

Student Employment

  • MicroFridge Crew:  
  • Resident Assistant: The RA application for the Spring 2015 semester (Mid-Year) is open. Check out our RA Selection page for more information. Inquiries should be directed to the RA Selection Committee (RA-Selection@wiu.edu)
  • Desk Assistant: Desk Assistants (DA) are an integral part of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS). The function of this position is to act as a receptionist at the front desk in a residence hall. This position serves as an information source and represents the University to students, family, and guests. The DA is responsible to and supported by the Complex Director, the UHDS' professional staff members in the residence hall. Learn more about the Desk Assistant position.
  • Summer Assistant: Summer Assistants are live-in staff members who have the most direct and constant contact with summer guests and students. SAs are assigned to a residence hall floor of up to 40 guests or students. They are the front-line customer staff for conference and summer school housing. Learn more about the Summer Assistant position
  • Office Assistants:  Inquiries should be directed to Cerese Wright (CK-Wright@wiu.edu).