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Working with University Housing and Dining Services can lead to great things! Whether you are looking for a full-time position, or you are a WIU graduate or undergraduate student, we have opportunities for you! See what our former staff members have to say about how WIU and working for UHDS contributed to their success story. . . 

Photo of LT Robinson

"Western Illinois University provided a supportive environment for professional growth by integrating lessons in CSP classes with advising, supervision and administrative responsibilities in my assistantship. I still use the knowledge I obtained at Western in my career as a housing professional."

-LT Robinson, Residence Life Program Manager at the University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Priscilla Velarde

"The education I received at WIU has been an invaluable foundation. In my daily work, conversations, and experiences that I received as a graduate and professional staff member. I am a proud member of the WIU community and feel fortunate for all that it has given me."

-Priscilla Velarde Wilson, Associate Director of Residence Life, University of Illinois at Chicago

Photo of John Comerford

"I would not be where I am today without Western Illinois University.  At WIU, I found the mentors that guided me towards a and fun career in Student Affairs and beyond."

-John Comerford, President, Blackburn College

Photo of Todd Clark

"WIU and UHDS set the professional foundation for a lifetime of professional and personal networks. There are very few colleges and universities that do not have some type of ‘seven degrees’ of WIU, and to be a part of that network is a honor and privilege."

-Todd Clark, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Guilford College

Photo of Edwin Darrell

"WIU and the CSP program provided me with an amazing foundation of knowledge, experience, and mentorship. The WIU community routinely challenges and guides my career in student affairs and I am lucky to have such great friends and colleagues."

-Edwin S. Darrell, Associate Director of Residential Education at San Diego State University

Photo of Jacque Bollinger

"WIU opened my eyes to possibilities I did not know existed. Who knew college students could be a career – a career that continues to challenge and reward me daily!!"

-Jacque Bollinger, Director of Residential Life at Indiana University

Professional/Full-Time Employment

Complex Director

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Job Description

Complex Directors are responsible for the overall administration and supervision of a residence hall housing approximately 600-900 students. Responsibilities include hiring, training, supervising and evaluating all undergraduate staff, graduate assistants, and a full-time Residence Hall Clerk. Coordinate the administrative functions of a residence hall complex, which include: facility management, maintenance, information desk operations, student employment, and payroll budget. Provide leadership in promoting an atmosphere within the residential community that supports academic achievement and fosters responsible decision-making. Coordinate community and student development through service learning initiatives, social and educational programming, human issues education, faculty involvement programming, student government advising, and the development of special lifestyle communities. Provide advice and counsel for individual students, student leaders, and student groups. Participate in an on-call duty. Serve as a chairperson/member to one departmental committee and have an option to teach a credit-bearing training course for Resident Assistants. Opportunities to participate with other special interest committees or initiatives within the department.  

Graduate Student Employment

Assistant Complex Director

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Job Description

Assistant Complex Directors are graduate students who are involved in various administrative and management functions, as well as all areas of student development.

Questions? Contact Dr. Mishelle Oaks at MD-Oaks@wiu.edu or 309-298-3328.

Student Employment Opportunities


Working with Sodexo Campus Services has many benefits, including:

Convenient Hours You can work up to 20 hours per week, with your work schedule tailored to your class schedule.

Convenient Locations You can work in your residence hall or close to your classes, eliminating the hassle sometimes associated with off-campus employment.

Complimentary Meals You can save on your meal plan dollars because you will receive a free meal on qualified shifts.

Meet New Friends UHDS and Sodexo employ over 300 people all over campus, making it easy to meet lots of new people.

Promotion Opportunities Your student job could lead to a student manager position with Sodexo, based on evaluations, commitment, teamwork, and needs.

Dining Center and/or University Union Retail Dining Locations

To apply for a Dining Center or Union Food Court position:

Download and complete the paper application. If you're on campus, take your completed application to any Student Manager at the specific location where you would like to work and inquire about availability. If you're not on campus, you can mail your completed application to: 

  • UHDS Food Service
    c/o Cerese Wright 
    Seal Hall -1st Floor 
    Macomb, IL 61455

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Western Illinois University Catering by Sodexo

To apply for a Catering position:

Search Macomb IL to narrow the job list and Apply for Wait Staff Non-Tipped WIU Catering Student Position

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Desk Assistant

Job Description

Desk Assistants (DA) are an integral part of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS). The function of this position is to act as a receptionist at the front desk in a residence hall. This position serves as an information source and represents the University to students, family, and guests. The DA is responsible to and supported by the Complex Director, the UHDS' professional staff members in the residence hall.

Summer Assistant

Job Description

Summer Assistants (SA) are an integral part of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) summer operations.  They are the live-in staff members who have the most direct and constant contact with summer guests and students. SAs are assigned to a residence hall floor of up to 80 guests OR students. They are the front-line customer staff for conference and summer school housing.