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Summer Assistant (SA) Position Description

Summer Assistants (SA) are an integral part of University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) summer operations.  They are the live-in staff members who have the most direct and constant contact with summer guests and students. SAs are assigned to a residence hall floor of up to 80 guests OR students. They are the front-line customer staff for conference and summer school housing. An SA’s primary responsibility is to act as a facilitator for this residence hall community, and to enhance the social, educational, spiritual, intellectual, physical, vocational, cultural and environmental development of each of the residents and all guests of the building. Summer Assistants will also assist UHDS with summer operations such as camps and conferences or summer orientation.  SAs will present a positive image of Western Illinois University by having a pleasant demeanor, helpful disposition, a responsive attitude, and a professional appearance. The SA is responsible to and supported by the Conference Services & Housing Operations Graduate Assistant who in turn reports to the Assistant Director of Residential Facilities. 


  1. As a SA, you are expected to be in good academic standing and to maintain minimum semester and cumulative grade point averages of 2.50. Must be pre-registered for Fall semester if not enrolled for summer.
  2. A SA must remain in good judicial standing with UHDS and the University (reprimand or censure only).
  3. A SA will be placed on a floor as determined by UHDS staff.
  4. A SA is expected to maintain ongoing communication with all hall staff.
  5. Any employment, student teaching, internship, or other major responsibilities taking the SA out of the residence hall must be discussed prior to accepting employment.
  6. A SA is expected to act as a positive role model in representing UHDS and the University at all times.
  7. A SA may not carry more than 9 hours of class work, unless he/she receives prior permission from the Assistant Director.



Community Facilitator
  1. Be available and accessible to floor residents. SA should plan weekly contact hours with residents.
  2. Assist students with personal, social and academic problems.
  3. Respect and maintain appropriate staff and student confidentiality.
  4. Assist in the development of an educationally supportive living environment by providing effective, educational activities and consistent monitoring of the floor environment.
  5. Encourage personal responsibility on the part of every floor member.
  6. Participate and involve residents in all orientation activities.
  7. Involve faculty members in floor programs.
  8. Create floor bulletin boards that are pertinent to the guests/students of that floor.


Referral Agent
  1. Report all emergencies and serious situations to your supervisor.
  2. Be familiar with all campus and community resources to assist residents and guests with problems.
  3. Act as a referral agent for students and guests to different campus and community resources.


Team Member
  1. Attend and participate in all staff training which will require you to return early to campus.
  2. Attend and participate in all in-service or developmental sessions.
  3. Attend all weekly staff meetings and contribute to the efficient functioning of the hall.
  4. Help develop a staff community which includes Head Staff, Residence Hall Clerks, Teams Police, Food Service Staff, Custodial Staff, Camp Staff and all other student staff who work in the building. Display a positive attitude and be supportive of other staff members.


  1. Be available for and participate in the opening and closing of the residence halls which will require you to come early to campus and stay later than most students.
  2. Participate in a weekly and weekend building duty rotation. Duty coverage has been predetermined according to UHDS guidelines and posted on a schedule established by the supervisor. Hall coverage extends from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. the following morning.
  3. Complete the following administrative tasks, in a timely fashion; check-in, check-out, updating rosters, room condition reports, key inventory, eyeball rosters, maintenance requests, surveys, behavioral complaints, meal duty, and other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.


University Representative
  1. Actively confront and document all disciplinary and policy violation situations.
  2. Demonstrate exemplary behavior at all times.



  1. A single room and meal plan.
  2. Receive a Microfridge in room at no charge
  3. SAs will be guaranteed a job at the information desk. Hours may be limited and change from week to week. Other campus employment must be approved. Please note that the compensation package for the SA position is considered financial aid and may affect your financial aid package.
  4. Many opportunities for personal growth. SA's will benefit through training and interaction with other staff, administration, faculty, students and a wide variety of guests.
  5. SAs will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills and time management skills while learning to plan ahead and foresee the needs of large, diverse groups of people. Leadership qualities develop while doing important work as coordinators and frontline customer service representatives for Western Illinois University.


Apply Now


  • 1/29/2018 Application Closes at 4:30 pm
  • 5/21 - 5/25/2018 Training

Please email Renee Hughes (RD-Hughes@wiu.edu) if you have any questions. Interviews will be scheduled after applications are submitted.