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Summer Program Assistant (SPA) Position Description

Summer Program Assistants (SPA) are an integral part of University's summer program operations. They are the first faces to greet all incoming students, family members, and guests during the summer. This live-in team will work all aspects of summer orientation and registration programs, as well as summer camps and conferences, and other events throughout the summer


  1. As a SPA, you are expected to be in good academic standing and to maintain minimum semester and cumulative grade point averages of 2.50. Must be pre-registered for Fall semester if not enrolled for summer.
  2. A SPA must remain in good judicial standing with UHDS and the University (reprimand or censure only).
  3. A SPA will be placed on a floor as determined by UHDS staff.
  4. A SPA is expected to maintain ongoing communication with all hall staff.
  5. Any employment, student teaching, internship, or other major responsibilities taking the SA out of the residence hall must be discussed prior to accepting employment.
  6. A SPA is expected to act as a positive role model in representing UHDS and the University at all times.
  7. A SPA may not carry more than 9 hours of class work, unless he/she receives prior permission from the Assistant Director.



  1. Guides and provides resources for incoming students and guests
  2. Facilitates small group discussion
  3. Conducts campus and residence hall tours
  4. Assists in first-year and camps & conference activities and events
  5. Has general knowledge of facilities, departments, and resources on campus
  6. Adheres to all university rules as well as local, state, and federal-laws
  7. Lives in the SOAR and summer housing complexes during the summer sessions
  8. Facilitates emergency plans and procedures
  9. Serves on-call for residents and new students as scheduled
  10. Facilitates all aspects of Summer Orientation & Registration
  11. Facilitates programs for residential students
  12. Housing administrative paperwork and tasks: check ins/outs, roster management, etc.
  13. Staffs the information desk throughout the summer
  14. As a Liaison to WIU and the community, SPA needs to speak professionally and highly of the area



  1. A single room and meal plan.
  2. Receive a Microfridge in room at no charge
  3. SPAs will be guaranteed a job at the information desk. Hours may be limited and change from week to week. Other campus employment must be approved. Please note that the compensation package for the SPA position is considered financial aid and may affect your financial aid package.
  4. Taking summer courses are possible, but must be approved by Assistant Director for Residential Facilities and Conference Services and Associate Director for Undergraduate Admissions.
  5. Many opportunities for personal growth. SPA's will benefit through training and interaction with other staff, administration, faculty, students and a wide variety of guests.
  6. SPAs will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills and time management skills while learning to plan ahead and foresee the needs of large, diverse groups of people. Leadership qualities develop while doing important work as coordinators and frontline customer service representatives for Western Illinois University.


Apply Now


  • 1/28/2020 Application Closes at 8:00 am
  • 5/21 - 5/25/2020 Training

Please email Renee Hughes (RD-Hughes@wiu.edu) or Drew Donahoo (AM-Donahoo@wiu.edu) if you have any questions. Interviews will be scheduled after applications are submitted.