Undergraduate Admissions

Program Reservation/Attendee Accommodation

To reserve a program date online:

  • Go to STARS
  • Launch STARS (link on right column)
  • Log on (enter WIU ID number and password)
  • Select New Student Registration Reservation (from the drop-down Menu Selections in upper left corner)

There you will select a program date as well as provide attendee accommodation information. The number of students who can attend each program is limited. If the date is in red with the word "closed" next to it, you will need to select another date.

SOAR 2019 Dates

  • June 4-5 (Tue/Wed)
  • June 7-8 (Fri/Sat)
  • June 11-12 (Tue/Wed)
  • June 14-15 (Fri/Sat)
  • June 18-19 (Tue/Wed)
  • June 24-25 (Mon/Tue)

Once the program date is reserved, you will be sent a postcard. Beginning in April, you will receive a SOAR brochure. It will include the date of the program you will be attending and will direct you to complete the registration information.

Students, family members, or guests needing any special accommodations in order to fully participate in the program or having any special needs such as health concerns, dietary needs, etc., should contact Admissions at admissions@wiu.edu (309) 298-3157.

FAQs: Program and Reservations

  • Do I have to attend Summer Orientation and Registration?
    All incoming freshmen must attend the entire Summer Orientation and Registration program. We strongly encourage family members and guests to attend the program as well, but it is not required.
  • What if I reserved a date but want to change it?
    Simply return to STARS (select New Student Registration Reservation) and select a new program date. You may also contact Admissions at (309) 298-3157. When you are blocked from registering for some dates, these sessions are closed and no longer available for reservation. Please note that if you change program dates, you will receive another SOAR brochure.
  • How will I know that I am able to attend the program date I reserved?
    If you reserve your date online, you will immediately get a confirmation of the date you chose on the website. You will then be mailed a postcard. Toward the end of April, you will receive a SOAR brochure; your date will appear inside the brochure. This brochure will outline all of the information you need to know to attend Summer Orientation and Registration.
  • When can I expect to receive my SOAR brochure?
    If you made a reservation before April, you will receive a confirmation postcard. In late April, a detailed SOAR brochure will be mailed to you.
  • Is there a deadline to make a reservation for a program?
    You may choose to reserve any open program on STARS until four (4) business days or less before day one of the program. Open dates will have a radio button; closed dates will be in red and indicate "closed". We encourage you to select a date as early as possible for the best choice of classes.
  • How do I register guests for the program?
    You may make a reservation online for guests planning on attending the program at the same time you select a program date. Once you have selected your program date on STARS, a SOAR brochure will be mailed to you.
  • What if I need to make attendee accommodation changes for my family/guests?
    If you need to make any changes to your original reservation, simply return to STARS (select New Student Registration Reservation) and edit your attendee accommodations until four business days or less before the first day of the program. If it is four business days or less before your selected SOAR program, please contact Admissions at (309) 298-3157 for changes. Changes can include a guest who is no longer able to attend, someone who is attending in a guest's place, more guests have decided to come, or special accommodations are now needed to be made for you or your guest. We will do everything possible to accommodate required changes; however, please contact us at least four business days prior to the scheduled Summer Orientation and Registration program date, if possible.
  • What guests are appropriate to bring to the Summer Orientation and Registration program?
    All guests are welcome to attend; however, the program is not recommended for children under the age of 12 years old. When choosing guests, remember this is an intensive program and there is a $35 fee for each guest attending/staying overnight on campus or a $25 fee for each guest attending/staying off campus (reserving own accommodation off campus). This fee will apply to each guest attending the program regardless of age.
  • What is provided? 
    You will receive lots of materials while you are at SOAR - a bag filled with information and resources, your fall class schedule, and more. Dinner on the first day and breakfast on the second day are also provided. Your residence hall room will include bed sheets, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, wash cloth and towel.
  • What should I bring?  
    Your SOAR mailer will include a packing list, but here are some things you should plan to bring to your program: 

    • Photo identification (driver's license, state ID, etc)
    • Comfortable walking shoes - you'll be walking around campus a lot!
    • An extra pillow and blanket 
    • Layer clothing - you'll be inside and outside frequently 
    • An umbrella - there is always a chance of rain! 
    • Comfortable clothing - you'll bein the Rec Center for part of the program, so you will want to bring clothes you can play in. You may also want to bring your swim suit!
    • Toiletries
    • Water bottle