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Dual Admission

The Dual Admission transfer program was developed to help bridge the transfer process between participating community colleges and Western Illinois University.

How To Apply

Students must apply through their participating community college and then this information is forwarded to WIU. Western Illinois University will require:

  1. Completion of a WIU application and payment of our application fee
  2. A completed dual admission program addendum
  3. Official transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended.

Once all materials are received, a written acknowledgement of participation in the Dual Admissions Transfer Program will be sent to the student for a future term of enrollment at Western Illinois University.

Western Illinois University encourages the student to obtain his/her Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, or Associate of Science and Art degree before attending WIU. At the end of each semester, the community college will forward an official transcript to WIU for Western's Audit of Requirements for Degree Report (WARD). The WARD Report will then be mailed directly to the student and his/her academic advisor at the community college. This degree audit will update the student as to how his/her community college courses will transfer to Western.

The Dual Admission Program allows a student to

  • Continue their education in the region
  • Take advantage of the low tuition charges at the community college and then at WIU as well
  • Achieve both an associates degree and a bachelors degree from two quality institutions
  • Receive academic advising each semester

Advantages of the Dual Admission Program

  • Community colleges and Western Illinois University can enjoy joint recruitment in area high schools.
  • Community colleges can attract highly motivated students that plan to attend a four year school after they earn their associates degree. Students are urged to complete their AA or AS degree, thereby decreasing the number of students who transfer early before finishing their community college program.
  • Students achieve a higher transfer rate - more actually go on to a 4-year school.
  • Students can save money by enrolling for their first two years at a community college with lower tuition and fees.
  • Students will become familiar with the WIU transfer staff and academic advisors which will enable them to feel more comfortable with the transfer process.
  • Students will be able to view their entire degree plan at the onset of their college career.
  • An improvement in the transfer rate of community college students will lead to an increase in the baccalaureate attainment.
  • Prospective transfer students will be encouraged to visit campus prior to matriculation and meet with the transfer admissions staff as well as their academic advisors.
  • Students come to WIU prepared for upper division courses in their major field of study.
  • Students usually don't need costly remedial courses.

Information gained through an article by Lawrence A. Nespoli entitled "New Jersey's Dual Admissions Program" in the Community College Journal Feb/Mar 1997.

For further information, contact the Transfer Center at (309) 298-3120 or Tishly Herrington, Transfer Coordinator at (309) 298-3099 or