Vice President for Student Services

Act of Kindness Award

The Act of Kindness Award honors otherwise unrecognized acts that benefit the Division of Student Services. The recipient can be from any area of the community or University given that their act of service provided benefit to Student Services. Nominations are accepted from university faculty, staff, or students and community members.

Act of Kindness Recipients for September 2018
Myranda Anderson Blake Andrews Laura Casey
Geoff DeJanvier Nolan Groenewold Gayle Heller
Lauren Hoover Cheryl Hutchins Harish Jujjavarapu
Ashley Katz Elexus King Kimberly Kuspa
Derek Lahey Briana McManus Jenissa Nino
Joe Roselieb Roger Runquist Ketra Russell
Juan Cabrera Sandoval Deisy Vizcarra Cassie Wallace
Amanda Wroblewski Danielle Wycoff
Act of Kindness Recipients for April 2018
Nick Knowles Matt Tanney
Act of Kindness Recipients for March 2018
Jessica Butcher Amy Buwick Jim DiTulio
Milly MacDonell Ketra Russell Tracy Scott
Act of Kindness Recipients for January 2018
Nick Bonanno Megan Carney Luca Elliott
Darius Knight Tyler McLean Amber Murray

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