Vice President for Student Services

Tips to living off-campus

Neighbor Relations

WIU asks that you keep in mind the well-being of the neighborhood and the diversity it offers; not all homes in the neighborhood are occupied  by students, there may be many families and elderly who reside in the community.  Be mindful of parking, noise, trash, and the appearance of your home or apartment.

Know your Guests

Strangers can cause huge problems including overcrowding, damage, and unlawful activities. Remember, you are responsible for your guests' actions.  If your guests cause problem for the neighborhood, the problems ultimately become yours.

It is important to realize that students are expected to abide by the University’s Code of Student Conduct while off-campus.

Emergency Numbers:

Macomb Fire & Police Department: 911
WIU Office of Public Safety: 309-298-1949 (non-emergency)
McDonough Sheriff's Office: 309-833-2323 (non-emergency)

In case of extreme illness, hospitalization, or other emergency situations, Student Development and Orientation (SDO), 309-298-1884, can notify a student's instructors.  SDO and the Office of Public Safety, 309-298-1949, can also help families contact  students in the event of a family emergency.

Questions concerning off-campus living contact: Student Tenant Union at 309-298-3285

Things to Know:

We are a safety-conscious community and believe that a community is only as safe as its individual members. Students are informed of the established safety standards and are reminded throughout the year to exercise common sense in their daily activities.

Municipal Code of Macomb, IL prohibits:

  • Persons under age 21 from purchasing, accepting, possessing, or consuming alcoholic liquor or from misrepresenting their age
  • Persons from willfully or wantonly damaging or mutilating any exterior property area, including driveways, sidewalks or yards
  • Possession of open alcohol in public places such as sidewalks and roadways
  • Noise-disturbances
  • Serving alcohol to those under the age of 21
  • Littering
  • Illegal Parking
  • Fireworks

Safety recommendations:

  • Stay off rooftops
  • Do not overcrowd 2nd floor porches
  • Be responsible hosts

Contact Information

Vice President for Student Services
321 Sherman Hall
Telephone: (309) 298-1814
Email: RC-Williams@ wiu . edu