Women's Center

Men's Outreach

Our Men's Outreach program is designed to get more men involved in the life of the Women's Center, as well as to encourage men to take responsibility for stopping violence against women, to attend and support women's athletic events, and to educate men about gender equity and human and social justice issues in general.

One in Four

As a man, you may think that violence against women doesn't concern you, but it does. It concerns everyone. While most men are not perpetrators, most perpetrators are men. What if your sister, mother, friend, niece, wife or girlfriend were one of the three million women who will be assaulted this year? You could not ignore the violence then, but why wait until the problem is staring you in the face to take a stand? It is up to you and your friends to take that stand by talking with other men and speaking out about stopping violence against women. All men who feel strongly about this cause, as well as issues of equality for women in general, and have an interest in joining the Feminist Action Alliance student organization, are encouraged to contact the Women's Center at (309) 298-2242 or via email at lt-gleason@wiu.edu (FAA Facilitation Coordinator) or to stop by the Women's Center in the Multicultural Center, Suite 209.

Dear Lisa in 1994

Men's Outreach is not just about sexual assault; it is about involving and educating more men about "women's issues" (which are really human issues.) By supporting anti-violence organizations, women's sporting events, and gender-equity programs and activities, you are promoting gender equality and helping to eliminate sexism and intolerance in our society. Thanks for your support!

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