Campus Recreation

Water Fitness Equipment

This equipment is available for use and is located in the Aquatics Center.


Aqua Barbell Aqua Barbell: Provides flotation support while building upper body strength during aquatic fitness activities and recreational use.


Aqua Fins Aqua Fins: Designed with a small blade that will allow you to sustain a longer workout without exhausting your leg muscles and will provide you with better propulsion.


Aqua Kickboard Aqua Kickboard: Stay afloat and kick your way to a stronger lower body workout without the use of your arms.


Aqua Noodles Aqua Noodles: Used in both deep and shallow water to keep your body afloat during exercise.


Buoyancy Belt Buoyancy Belt: Keeps your body suspended in deep water so you can perform a variety of water aerobic exercises.


Pull Buoy Pull Buoy: Isolates your upper body movement to develop technique, strength, and alignment during workouts.


Training Paddles Training Paddles: Helps develop stroke technique and upper body strength. The square design allows more surface resistance for better training.

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